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Assignments. Create a robot that turns all of it parts independently (vehicle, gun, and radar). Turn the vehicle left 360 o Turn the gun right 360 o Turn the radar left 360 o What is the fastest part? The slowest?. Create a robot that travels in a figure 8.

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Anatomybot java

  • Create a robot that turns all of it parts independently (vehicle, gun, and radar).

    • Turn the vehicle left 360o

    • Turn the gun right 360o

    • Turn the radar left 360o

  • What is the fastest part?

  • The slowest?

Fig8 java

  • Create a robot that travels in a figure 8.

Supercorners java

Create a robot that travels directly to a corner and fires from there.

Randomtrianglerobot java

  • Create a new robot called the above. Make sure that your class extends AdvancedRobot. This robot should move in a triangle pattern and shoot whenever it scans another robot. The sides of the triangle must be a RANDOM amount between 0 and the minimum length or width of the battlefield. Whenever your robot moves to the corner of the triangle, rotate its gun by 360/1.5 degrees.

Randomtritalk java

  • Using your previous robot, have your robot print out a message every time

    • it runs into a wall.

    • it runs into another robot and apologize to that robot by name.

    • it gets hit by a bullet. Also print out who hit them.

    • it shoots another robot. Also print out who it hit, their remaining life, their speed, and the direction they are heading.

Wallbanger java

  • Write a robot that aims for the middle of the top wall, the middle of the right wall, the middle of the bottom wall, then the middle of the left wall.

  • Each time the robot hits the wall, have it spin its gun 360o.

Stalkerbot java

  • Create a robot that scans for an enemy.

  • Turns to that enemy.

  • Fires.

  • Moves to where that enemy was located.

  • Repeats those four steps over again.



  • Create a robot that moves to the closet wall, then moves along the walls.

  • Your robot should scan for the closest enemy, then predict where he will be when the bullet reaches him.

Final java

  • Create an advanced robot

  • Make unique colors for your bot and a unique name

  • Use the following methods:

    • onHitByBullet

    • onHitWall

    • onScannedRobot

    • onWin

    • onBulletHit

    • onBulletMiss

  • Comment each of the methods explaining why the robot acts the way it does

  • Your robot must have a targeting system.

  • Field will be 5000 x 5000 and 20 rounds

Final scores

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