make up and missing work assignment
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Make-up and Missing work Assignment

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Make-up and Missing work Assignment. Answer all the questions in the presentation in complete sentences. The Crusades. Presentation by Terence Cline, Kearns, Utah. Vocabulary. Crusades – English for holy war

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make up and missing work assignment
Make-up and Missing work Assignment
  • Answer all the questions in the presentation in complete sentences.

The Crusades

Presentation by Terence Cline, Kearns, Utah



  • Crusades – English for holy war
  • Council of Clermont – an emergency meeting called by Pope Urban II about the Muslim Invasion
  • Saladin – General of the Muslim invasion
  • Jihad – Arabic for holy war

In the Mideast two religions started

.Christianity in Jerusalem in 1st century AD.

.Islam in the Arabian Peninsula in 7th century AD

Both spread rapidly, came in contact with each other and a series of wars between the two sides started called the Crusades.


1 According to the map, which empire was expanding?

2 What empire came under attack from the Abbasid’s?

3 In what years did the attacks reach the capital city of Constantinople?

4 When and where did the invasion enter Europe?

islam was growing faster than christianity and was threatening to take over europe
Islam was growing faster than Christianity and was threatening to take over Europe
  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree
what reaction did europe have to the invasion
What reaction did Europe have to the invasion?

In 1095 the Pope, nobles, German and French bishops met in the Council of Clermont to decide what to do.

5 Who addressed the council?6 What did he say?7 What was the reaction of the council, how did they vote?

“From Jerusalem and the city of Constantinople comes a grievous report…An accursed race…has violently invaded the lands of those Christians and had depopulated them by pillage and fire.”

“Free that land…and subject it to yourselves…Undertake this journey for the [forgiveness] of your sins and with assurance of everlasting glory in the kingdom of heaven”

Pope Urban II

  • “Deus lo volt! God wills it!”

Council of Clermont

t he council of clermont decided to
The Council of Clermont decided to
  • Ignore the threat
  • Fight the threat
  • Join the other side
8 What was the view of the Muslims under Saladin about Pope Urban II’s wanting to make it a holy war called a crusade?

"Regard the Franj! Behold with what obstinacy they fight for their religion, while we, the Muslims, show no enthusiasm for waging holy war.“

-Salah Al-Din.*


Battle at JerusalemThe name of the author of the following eyewitness account is unknown, but it is considered a reliable description published before 1101:

  • One of our knights, Letholdus by name, climbed on to the wall of the city. When he reached the top, all the defenders of the city quickly fled along the walls and through the city. Our men followed and pursued them, killing and hacking, as far as the temple of Solomon, and there was such a slaughter that our men were up to their ankles in the enemy\'s blood. . . .
how did the muslims react to the slaughter in jerusalem
How did the Muslims react to the slaughter in Jerusalem?
  • No reaction
  • They declared a Jihad
  • They joined the other side
today s assignment
Today’s Assignment
  • You will be creating a brief presentation on the Crusades
  • You will find basic information at

what each table is doing
What each table is doing
  • Look at the website and divide the paragraphs so each team has a person that makes a slide for:
  • paragraph 1
  • paragraph 2
  • paragraph 3
  • paragraph 4
  • paragraph 5
  • Paragraph 6
what your slide must contain
What your slide must contain
  • A summary of your reading
  • A picture of the crusade
what you do next
What you do next
  • Share your slide with the team so everyone creates a complete show