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Hip. By William Smashey, Jon Vogeding , Vince Colucci. Hip training PRograms. Sports medicine researchers have begun to realize that weakness in the hips contribute to hip injuries or lower extremity injuries.

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William Smashey, Jon Vogeding, Vince Colucci

Hip training PRograms

  • Sports medicine researchers have begun to realize that weakness in the hips contribute to hip injuries or lower extremity injuries.

  • Today training programs inadequately train the hips or omit core training altogether.

  • Ice Hockey Goalies and runners are at high risk for these injuries

Muscle make-up of hip

  • Gluteus Maximus

  • Gluteus Minimus

  • Gluteus Medius

  • Piriformis

  • ObturatorinternusGamelli

  • QuadratusFemoris

  • Obturatorexternus


  • Coaches and Athletes need to be able to recognize when an athlete is weak in his or her hips and correct it with specific exercise strategies.

  • If an athlete demonstrates functional hip weakness her or she should begin on Phase 1 of the workout.

Phase One

Side Lying Hip Abduction

Single Leg Balance with shoulder row

Phase Two



Side Bridge with Straight Leg raise

Gluteus Medius (GM)

  • Origin: Outer surface of the ilium between the middle and posterior gluteal line.

  • Insertion: Lateral surface of the greater trochanter of the femur

  • Primarily a hip abductor. Frontal plan

  • stability of the pelvic.

  • Weak GM: can result in numerous lower extremities injuries and abnormalities in the gait cycle.

Trendelenburg Test

  • Testing…….

  • Most Commonly Known

  • Assess the ability of the GM to hold the pelvic level.

  • The Single-leg balance and anterior overhead reach test.

Strengthening the GM

  • Exercises

  • Cable Hip Abductor

  • Seated Machine hip abductor

  • Side lying leg lifts

    Both Bilateral and unilateral Squats on a stable or unstable surface.

    High Reps.

Exercising Post Hip Injury

  • Ask a Doctor

  • Hip Injury vs. Hip Replacement

  • Ranges of Motion

  • Exertion


  • Just a few

    • The Bridge

    • The Squat

    • Outer Leg Lifts/ Hip Abduction

    • Inner Leg Lifts/ Hip Adduction

    • Leg Extension

    • Sets/Reps

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  • Starter

  • Re-strengthening

  • Warnings

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