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Transition Networks Inc. Overview PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transition Networks Inc. Overview. Zak Admani Regional Sales Manager UK, Ireland & Africa. What is Media Conversion Technology. How to Spot Opportunities. Customer are installing fiber, do they have the budget for new optical equipment? Help save money

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Transition Networks Inc. Overview

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Transition networks inc overview

Transition Networks Inc.


Zak Admani

Regional Sales Manager UK, Ireland & Africa

Transition networks inc overview

What is Media Conversion Technology

How to Spot Opportunities

  • Customer are installing fiber, do they have the budget for new optical equipment? Help save money

  • You add distant offices, will that be connected?

  • Moving into a new office, fiber may already exist

  • Upgrade the network, adding fiber only where it is needed

  • Anticipating network traffic levels to grow?

  • Factory / industrial control systems upgrades - EMI

  • High Security applications

Five major steps in the selling process

Five Major Steps in The Selling Process

  • Open The Sale

  • Identify and Validate Needs

  • Presentation

    4.Objection Response

    5. Gain Commitment

Identify and validate needs

Identify and Validate Needs

  • Open Probes

    -Specific Examples:

    • Can you tell me about your experiences with media converters?

    • How have you designed your network?

    • Can you tell me a little about your current network needs?

    • How are new vendors approved in your company?

    • What do you look for in a new supplier?

    • How did you decide upon your current supplier for media converters?

    • Can you explain how you made the decision to use media converters in your network?

Identify and validate needs1

Identify and Validate Needs

  • Closed Probes

    -Specific examples:

    • Have you ever used converters before?

    • Have you used SNMP managed converters?

    • Who is your current supplier for media converters?

    • Have you ever had problems with your current supplier?

    • Do you have fiber in your network?

    • What brand of routers/switches are you using?

    • Has your company ever had problems with network down time using unmanaged converters?

    • What kind of fiber do you have? Connectors? Distances?

    • Do you prefer stand alone or modular converters?

Identify and validate needs2

Identify and Validate Needs

  • Asking the right questions helps to determine the correct converter for your customer

  • Simple questions to define the right model

    • What is the protocol?

    • What type of fiber optic cable?

      • Singlemode dual/single fiber or multimode fiber?

    • What type of optical connectors?

    • What is the estimated distance over fiber or the attenuation?

    • Do you require stand alone or modular converters?

    • Do you require SNMP management?

Objection response

Objection Response

  • Facts about objections

    • Many objections are given simply to see how you respond

    • Objections are often a request for additional information not provided in your presentation

    • Objections are often given for price negotiations

    • Objections can be emotionally charged

Objection response1

Objection Response

  • What to do when you encounter an objection from your customer or end user.

  • Step 1: Cushion (Soften) the objection

    • Choosing to act upon vs. react to an objection

    • Accepting the objection

    • Don’t take it personally

    • Find a point of agreement

Objection response2

Objection Response

  • Step 2: Ask clarifying questions

    • Find the real objection

      • We want to know real objection before we respond

      • Bring out false objections used in price negotiation

      • Get the customer to indicate real objection

    • Those objections that are unrealistic and not legitimate are:

      • Postponements/procrastination

      • Prejudice

      • Half-truths

      • Hearsay or rumors

    • Those objections that are realistic are:

      • Request for added information

      • Need for clarification

      • Clear up misunderstandings

      • Request for justification

Transition networks inc overview

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