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Technology boon or bane
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Below are reactions to the question “Do instant messaging, email, cell phones, and other gadgetry bring family members closer or drive them apart?.

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Technology: Boon or Bane?

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Technology boon or bane

Below are reactions to the question “Do instant messaging, email, cell phones, and other gadgetry bring family members closer or drive them apart?

  • “ using a lot of high-tech gear to communicate at home is a poor proxy for face-to-face communication and sees omnipresent technological ties as threatening to intimacy- B.L.

  • “ ….typing to each other instead of talking to each other can only lead to problems down the road, such as teens using email to deceive parents about their activities”- G.W.

Technology boon or bane

  • “my wife and I talk more throughout the day because of instant messaging. My communication with far-flung relatives is very much enriched by it.” R.K.

  • “ I thought our marital relationship would suffer when I left my wife for a consultancy job abroad for eighteen months. Email missives made us more aware, more acceptable and more communicative.” M.C.P.

  • “ How can computerized communication, in place of face-to-face family communication and hugs, deepen dialogue?” T.H.

Technology boon or bane

Technology: Boon or Bane?

Technology is bane when

Technology is bane when:

  • The learner is made to accept as Gospel truth information they get from the internet

  • The learner surfs the internet for pornography

  • The learner has an uncritical mind on images floating on televisions and computers that represent modernity and progress

Technology boon or bane

  • The TV makes the learner a mere spectator not an active participant in the drama of life

  • The learner gets glued to his computer-assisted instruction unmindful of the world and so fails to develop the ability to relate to others

  • We make use of the internet to do character assassination of people whom we hardly like

  • because of our cell phone, we spend most of our time in the classroom or in our work place texting.

Integration of technology in instruction must be geared towards

Integration of Technology in instruction must be geared towards:

  • Interactive and meaningful learning

  • The development of creative and critical thinking

  • The development and nurturing of teamwork

  • Efficient and effective teaching

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