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Ms christie ela 7 th grade 11 4 13
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Ms. Christie ELA 7 th Grade 11.4.13. Characterization. Characterization . Characterization is the process by which the writer reveals the personality of a character. * D irect characterization * Indirect characterization. Direct Characterization.

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Ms christie ela 7 th grade 11 4 13

Ms. Christie

ELA 7th Grade





Characterization is the process by which the writer reveals the personality of a character.

*Direct characterization *Indirect characterization

Direct characterization

Direct Characterization

Direct Characterization tellsthe audience what the personality of the character is.

  • Example: “The energetic baby Mustangs bounded through the hallway with great excitement and joy. They were happy children with a passion for learning.

  • Explanation: The author is directly telling the audience information about the characters (baby Mustangs).

Indirect characterization

Indirect Characterization

  • Indirect Characterization showsthings that reveal the personality of a character. There are five different methods of indirect characterization.

Indirect characterization1

Indirect Characterization








  • What does the character say?

  • How does the character speak?

    • Funny?

    • Sarcastic?

    • Mean?

    • Kind?

      ***In general, how does Steven use his speech to influence the reader?



  • What is revealed through the character’s private thoughts and feelings?

    • Inner dialogue

    • Questioning him/herself



  • Example:

    • “I came up with a new bargain with God: “If you make Jeffrey get better, I won’t go to this dance.” Maybe God knew that right then, staying out of the dance didn’t feel like a big sacrifice to me because he didn’t instantly cure my brother.” (Sonnenblick 94)

  • What can we tell about Steven from this example?

Effect on others

Effect on others

  • What is revealed through the character’s effect on other people? How do other characters feel or behave in reaction to the character?

  • What effect does Renee have on Steven? Likewise? What does that say about them as characters?



  • What does the character do? How does the character behave? How do they change throughout the novel?

    • Are there patterns?

    • Has Steven changed?

    • Are there certain traits missing?



  • What does the character look like? How does the character dress?

    • Physical appearance

    • Clothes

    • Sometimes stereotypical

Characterization questions

Characterization Questions

  • If we don’t get all of the elements of characterization from the author, what impact does that have on what we think of the character?

  • Analyze which types of characterization give the truest picture of your character?

  • How does characterization impact how you connect with the character(s)?

You did it any questions

You did it! Any questions?

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