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Introduction to PowerPoint. By Michelle Kravitz. What is PowerPoint?. A presentation software Uses multimedia: text, graphics, pictures, sounds, videos, music, etc. A tool for professionally displaying and presenting work. Getting Started.

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Presentation Transcript
Introduction to powerpoint

Introduction to PowerPoint

By Michelle Kravitz

What is powerpoint
What is PowerPoint?

  • A presentation software

  • Uses multimedia: text, graphics, pictures, sounds, videos, music, etc.

  • A tool for professionally displaying and presenting work

Getting started
Getting Started

  • First, click on the Button in the bottom-left corner

  • This will open up the menu options

  • Second, click on Programs then Microsoft PowerPoint

  • This will open PowerPoint and you will have a choice box

Powerpoint continued
PowerPoint (continued)

  • You will be asked about your new presentation that you’re going to create with this menu:

  • Click on “Blank Presentation” then click on

Powerpoint continued1
PowerPoint (continued)

  • Next, a choice of several screens will come up for the New Slide you will be making

  • Double-click on the first screen

Powerpoint continued2
PowerPoint (continued)

  • You will now have the template for a “Title Slide” open

  • This will serve as the first slide in your presentation.

  • Click in the top box and type a Title

  • Click in the bottom box and type a subtitle (or name and date, etc.)

The title card
The Title Card

  • The title of your presentation should be concise and to the point

  • The subtitle box can contain your name, date, or an actual subtitle.

Coloring and formatting text
Coloring and Formatting Text

  • We don’t live in a boring Black-and-White world

  • Let’s add color and nice formatting to the text!

Coloring and formatting text1
Coloring and Formatting Text

  • Select text you wish to format by dragging across the text with the mouse

  • Click on Format, then Font to make changes to Font Style, Size, Color

Moving a text box
Moving a Text Box

  • Put arrow on the thick gray line, and a four-headed arrow will appear

  • Click, hold, and drag the text box to where to you would like it

Resizing a text box
Resizing a Text Box

  • Click on one of the corner “handles” of the box (and hold)

  • Using your other hand, drag the mouse either inside (to make smaller), or outside (to make bigger)

Adding a background color
Adding a Background Color

  • Adding a background color to your slide will improve the visual quality and appeal to the entire presentation

  • First, open the Format Menu, and select Background

Background color cont
Background Color (cont.)

  • Click on the down-arrow then select More Colors

  • From the palette, you may pick any color you want!

Background color cont1
Background color (cont.)

  • After you have selected your new color, the previous window will again appear.

  • Choose “Apply” to apply this background color to just this one slide

  • If you choose “Apply to All”, this background color will be applied to all of your slides!

Importing a picture
“Importing” a picture

  • Clip Art:

  • Pictures and images can also be incorporated into presentations (as you have seen with this presentation)

  • Pictures can be from sources such as Clip Art, the Internet, or from your personal disk

  • Internet:

  • From disk:

Importing clip art
Importing Clip Art

  • Open the Insert menu and select Picture, then Clip Art

Clip art cont
Clip Art (cont.)

  • First, select the category that interests you (single click)

  • Then, select the image within the gallery that you want (single click)

Clip art cont1
Clip Art (cont.)

  • Now, close the Clip Art dialog box and you will see your selected clip art on the slide

  • To move and resize the clip art, apply your knowledge of the methods of moving and resizing text boxes

Importing a picture from your disk
Importing a picture from your disk

  • To personalize your presentation, it is always a good idea to add pictures that are generated yourself.

  • This makes your project unique to you!

Importing a picture cont
Importing a picture (cont.)

  • To insert a picture from your own disk, first select the Insert menu, then Picture, then From File ….

Importing a picture cont1
Importing a picture (cont.)

  • Next, you will be presented with a screen that asks where the picture file is located..

Importing a picture cont2
Importing a picture (cont.)

  • If your picture is on your disk, select drive A, 3½

Importing a picture cont3
Importing a picture (cont.)

  • Select the picture that you’d like to import from your disk, then click

For additional study
For additional study

  • Adding a slide transition

  • Importing a video

  • Importing a sound / Recording a sound

  • Applying design templates

  • Word art

  • Inserting graphs from Excel and Word