Multi regional purchasing cooperative
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Multi regional purchasing cooperative


Instructions for District/Campus Users

Set up instructions district contact only

SET UP INSTRUCTIONS(District Contact Only)

Multi regional purchasing cooperative


The new MRPC program is a single database designed to be accessed by ALL users within your district. When you receive the program folder entitled “MRPC” from your ESC Coordinator, you MUST download the entire folder to a network server that is labeled “R” drive. If you do not already have a “R” drive that is accessible to all users within your district, contact your technology department and ask them to map a drive “R” on which you can place this program folder. THE PROGRAM WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY UNLESS IT IS PLACED ON DRIVE “R”. If you or your technology staff need assistance with this step, contact your ESC Coordinator or you may contact Alicia Woodard or Dana Parrish at Region 9 ESC at 940.322.6928.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

  • Open e-mail from ESC Coordinator

  • Right click on attached folder

  • Save As to R: drive

  • Review Contents of Folder:

    • MRPCDATA folder

    • AccessRuntime

    • MRPC District

If you do not have Access 2007 program, you will need to click on the “AccessRuntime” program and follow the instructions to run this program.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Click on MRPC District program

  • When the program opens, you may see a “Security Warning” underneath the ribbon.

  • Click on the “Options” button following the warning, then select “Enable Content”.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Click on MRPC District program

Select your district from Red Drop Down Menu

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Click on Campus Maintenance

Enter each campus or department that will be entering a Needs List: (Tab between fields; each time you enter a campus number a new campus entry record will appear.)

Assign a campus “number” – does not need to be TEA number but will only be used by you to distinguish the campuses or departments

Enter the name of the campus or department

Enter the delivery address for the products. If delivery happens at that campus, enter the campus address. If delivery will occur at a central location, enter the address of that central location.

Enter telephone number if desired

(See next slide for example)

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Note that the ISD Office, Elementary School and Maintenance Department are all using same address. Delivery of all these orders will be made at same address. However, the High School was entered with a different address, so delivery of that order will be made there.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

When finished with entering all campuses or departments, click on “home”icon to returnto main screen.

Home Icon

Now all users are able to enter their needs in their needs list.

Needs list instructions


Multi regional purchasing cooperative


The Multi-Regional Purchasing Cooperative Line Item Bid is designed to give schools more power in purchasing their basic supply needs such as classroom/office furniture and electronics; and office, classroom, janitorial and nursing supplies. By combining the amounts needed by the participating schools across four regions (Regions 9, 11, 14 and 15), better pricing can be obtained from vendors.

The Needs List is the basis of the Line Item Bid. It tells vendors the quantity of each product that will be ordered. The vendors take this number to their suppliers/manufacturers to obtain volume discount and pass the savings on to us.

Because the bid pricing is based on the number we give them through the Needs List, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the number you enter at this point is as accurate as possible. The bid specifies that the quantity we give is within 10% of the final order.

In our new program, your Needs List will also become the basis of your final purchase order, so being accurate now will save you time later.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Click on MRPC District Program

  • Open MRPC folder found on Drive R: on your district’s network server.

    • Go to “My Computer”

    • Select Drive R

    • Click on “MRPC” folder

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

  • Select your district from red drop down menu.

  • Click on “Needs” Input

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Select your campus by using the arrows to scroll through the list

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Note table at bottom of screen. This is the listing of items on the needs list. You can minimize the ribbon at the top of the screen or change your screen resolution to increase the size of the table.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

To minimize the ribbon, right click on top blue strip.

Click on “minimize the ribbon” which will make tool bar disappear. (To bring back right click on ribbon and “un-click” the “minimize the ribbon” option.)

With Ribbon Showing

No Ribbon

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

You can also see or print a complete needs list, by clicking on “Item Report” on the main screen.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Item Report Listing

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

To enter needs, click on Item # field, type in item number to be ordered.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Tab to quantity field. Note that when you hit the tab key, the item description fills in automatically. Review to make sure this is the correct item.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Type in desired quantity.

Push tab to go to next record; key in item number and quantity. Continue process until all desired items are entered.

Delete Record

NOTE: If you key in an item you decide you do not want, simply hit the “Delete Record” key at the end of the record. A warning message will appear asking if you really want to delete that record; hit yes or no as desired.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Once all needs have been entered, hit “exit” icon.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Click on Campus “Needs” Report to generate and review a complete report of your order.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Review your list; you may print for your records if desired. (You may need to maximize the ribbon to get tool bar back for printing.)

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Once you have been notified that all campuses’ or departments’ needs lists have been entered, you may want to print a District Needs Report for your records.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

District Needs Report

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Close the application by clicking on the house icon.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

Click on the “MRPCDATA” folder.

  • Attach the “Needs” file to an e-mail and send it to your ESC Coordinator.

Multi regional purchasing cooperative

The Needs List Process is complete!

Thanks for your participation!

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