Taming the t rex and other dinosaurs
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Taming the T-rex …And other dinosaurs PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taming the T-rex …And other dinosaurs. CHALLENGING EARTH HISTORY: Part V The Nests Elaine Kennedy, Ph.D. Geoscience Research Institute http://www.grisda.org. Problematic Issues I: Dinosaur Eggs. Are the dinosaur egg sites really nests?

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Taming the T-rex …And other dinosaurs

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Taming the T-rex…And other dinosaurs


The Nests

Elaine Kennedy, Ph.D.

Geoscience Research Institute


Problematic Issues I:Dinosaur Eggs

  • Are the dinosaur egg sites really nests?

  • Are there multiple levels of dinosaur nests and eggs?

  • Are these sites pre-Flood, Flood or post-Flood deposits?

Data: Oviraptor EggsMongolia

Possible Overbank Deposition

Some Nests Promising

Data: Maiasaur Eggs “Nest in Camp” Montana

Eggs & fragments indicate transport

Sediments indicate no nest here

Data: Troodon? Eggs Egg Mountain

Two layers found here

Limited documentation

Possible Nest

Six eggs encased in plaster

Note: “Rim”

Carbonate rock

Data: Eggs in Patagonia

Multiple levels of eggs

Fragment orientations & distributions

Cross-bedded sandstones

Data: Sauropod Eggs Lerida Egg Site

Sediments indicate transported eggs

Data: Dinosaur Eggs Aix en Provance

Crushed eggs with internal shell fragments

Photographed by Elaine Kennedy near Mont Sainte Victoire, France

Data: Dinosaur Eggs South Korea

Sediments suggest transported eggs

Multiple levels

Part V: Summary

In the literature, authors cite single and multiple eggs as “nests.” Regions estimated to have hundreds of eggs are considered nesting grounds. Little work has assessed the nature of the sediments in which the eggs were deposited. Consequently, there is little, if any, evidence for dinosaur nesting behavior.

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