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Welcome to Dover. A.S.B.O.A. Region IX Senior High All Region Bands. Flute First Band. *11098.04Mary HalesConway *2963.12Emily DennisRussellville *3913.2Jessica Drain Russellville *4895.8Caitlyn ChambersRussellville *5881.12Alexis SandersConway

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Welcome to Dover

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Welcome to dover l.jpg

Welcome to Dover

A.S.B.O.A. Region IX

Senior High

All Region Bands

Flute first band l.jpg

FluteFirst Band

*11098.04Mary HalesConway

*2963.12Emily DennisRussellville

*3913.2Jessica Drain Russellville

*4895.8Caitlyn ChambersRussellville

*5881.12Alexis SandersConway

*6853.56Gloria YangRussellville

*7794.88Lauren IsonRussellville

*8769.32Olivia TzengConway

*9768.64Sarah DixonGreenbrier

10722.4Raegan PruittRussellville

11677.76Katie HernandezRussellville

12661.92Maxie XiongDardanelle

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Flute second band l.jpg

Flute Second Band

1657.4Brandi MorganGreenbrier

2644.52Kate ThrashConway

3597.88Kelsey ThomasGreenbrier

4564.24Alandra GarciaDardanelle

5540.92Jill GoodrichGreenbrier

6530.68Miki BrewingtonConway

7500Brittney SimConway

8494.72Bailey JanssenDover

9491.16Yvonne WestphalMountain View

10476.6Kati PenningtonDover

11470.76Brittany MillerConway

12459.64Macey HowlandGreenbrier

Flute alternates l.jpg

Flute Alternates

1459.56Jessie ShambargerConway

2457.8M.E. TaylorConway

3447.4Katie GriceMarshall

Oboes first band l.jpg

OboesFirst Band

*11041.48Alexa MeimerstorfDardanelle

*2988.04Emory MolineConway

*3689.84Madison ShawConway

*4568.12Marie JullienConway

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Bassoon first and second band l.jpg

BassoonFirst and Second Band

First Band

*11033.24Carter BodingerRussellville

*21002.2Sean StokesConway

*3936Dusty FurrRussellville

*4927.16Brent JamesDover

Second Band

1616Lashawna GreenRussellville

2428.48Madelyn RoseRussellville

3378.6Lacy FischbauerRussellville

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Clarinets first band l.jpg

Clarinets First Band

*11114.36John WrayGreenbrier

*21033.68Julia MyersRussellville

*3939.64Mary HefleyRussellville

*4887.92Molly ChurchwellGreenbrier

*5869.88Samantha SmithDover

*6859.16Alyson FrostRussellville

*7848.48Katie KempConway

*8847.56Hannah McKeeGreenbrier

*9825.32Jessica OsortoRussellville

*10789.6Jocelyn RoblesConway

*11752.12Allison LutrellRussellville

*12738.32Allie BurkeConway

*13697.88Kailey ParchmanRussellville

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Clarinets first band continued l.jpg

Clarinets First Band Continued

*14681.36Alexa OvertonConway

*15655.04Robin HowellDardanelle

*16653Tory RhodesRussellville

17637.88Ansley MathisConway

18631.68Kendra BreshearsConway

19600.36Haley McKeeGreenbrier

20578.36Brittany GrayDardanelle

21572.72Maegan AndersonRussellville

22568.8Cayce BaxterDardanelle

23547.68Alli PaulDover

24541.92Tiffany BoothClinton

25541.6Malinda BoydDover

26541.08Kim CummingsDover

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Clarinets second band l.jpg

Clarinets Second Band

1532.08Jeananne PigeonRussellville

2525Abi GrahamGreenbrier

3523.96April MorganConway

4520.48Mary RidgewayRussellville

5519.24Laurie BellRussellville

6518.56Emma PeltonConway

7501.72Harlee GarrisonConway

8498.08Kaitlin SullivanClinton

9491.96Kayla HamiltonConway

10486.48Jessica TidwellRussellville

11475.8Kennedye HerveyConway

12470.2Clarissa LongConway

13464.92Anna ThrashConway

Clarinets second band continued l.jpg

Clarinets Second Band Continued

14456.8Joseph CampbellDover

15443Vanessa VaughnGreenbrier

16434.12Jami PorterPerryville

17411.6Emily SpaethConway

18408.4Caitlin CarlisleVilonia

19404.48Denise ZarateRussellville

20370.72Cassie PavluGreenbrier

21368.68Maegan WaitDover

22352.32Sara LemanskiGreenbrier

23338.88Rebekah ColeRussellville

24337.32Lauren HumphreyRussellville

25322.48Christina EarlyConway

26316.44Courtney FowlerRussellville

Clarinets alternates l.jpg


  • 314.92Carissa JohnsonGreenbrier

Alto clarinets first band l.jpg

Alto ClarinetsFirst Band

First Band

*1454.2Katie WatkinsAtkins

*2348.88John MinquesAtkins


*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Bass clarinets first and second band and alternates l.jpg

Bass ClarinetsFirst and Second Band and Alternates

First Band

*1968.2Drew SteinbeckConway

*2748.4Brett KelleyRussellville

*3662.12Maddie WilsonConway


Second Band

1607.76Morgan BurrisRussellville

2514.08Kaitlin MikealVilonia

3494.48Paul TufisRussellville

4403.68Jessica GardnerVilonia


  • 306.6Whitney BrandonRussellville

    *All State Tryout Qualifiers

Contra bass clarinets first and second band and alternates l.jpg

Contra Bass ClarinetsFirst and Second Band and Alternates

First Band

*1930.88Geoffrey CarterConway

*2780.44Alexus ClardyConway

Second Band

1522.4Caitlin TackettRussellville

2481.84Ryan DoddRussellville


1416.08Ivan ValdezConway

2325.28Geoffrey SmithVilonia

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Alto saxophones first band l.jpg

Alto SaxophonesFirst Band

*11108.52Mallory BrooksConway

*21011.08Elisa DetogniConway

*3961.8Matt StevensConway

*4918.72Nathan BellRussellville

*5821.64Kelby NordinRussellville

*6821.16Ryan TrickeyConway

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Alto saxophones second band l.jpg

Alto SaxophonesSecond Band

1799.04Ashley JohnsonConway

2750.12Harrison JonesDover

3720.44Hannah ParksClinton

4712.72Ben DrainRussellville

5680.84Jackson SmithConway

6673.2Nicole RigbyVilonia

Alto saxophones alternates l.jpg

Alto SaxophonesAlternates

1658.92Brandon GriceRussellville

2632.8Colten TalleyDardanelle

3591.28Joseph GaspardGreenbrier

Tenor saxophones first and second band and alternates l.jpg

Tenor SaxophonesFirst and Second Band and Alternates

First Band

*11020.4Jake BassConway

*2966.6Jarod AppleRussellville

*3875.84Jacki PowerWS Greers Ferry

Second Band

1708.84Jade OgetoConway

2654.72Wayne RodgersClinton

3639.2Jessica RotenburyRussellville


1605.88Casey DuboisConway

2582.68Andrew CorsiniConway

3522.36Justin HillGreenbrier

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Baritone saxophones first and second band and alternates l.jpg

Baritone SaxophonesFirst and Second Band and Alternates

First Band

*1981.56Kyle HeathcoatRussellville

*2720.24Brayden FisherGreenbrier

Second Band

1692.56August GloverConway

2615.32Nathan BatemanPerryville


1495.08Margo JordanConway

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Trumpets first band l.jpg

TrumpetsFirst Band

*1958.4Will YandellGreenbrier

*2930.24Spencer BradshawVilonia

*3810.8Jeannie CorbittConway

*4789.2Michael GoochConway

*5697.6Mykala ParkerConway

*6676.4Jeff HazelConway

*7673.4Lincoln GimnichConway

*8646.6Molly FavreConway

*9619.96Christopher WilliamsRussellville

*10608.24Christina ThompsonConway

*11587.84Taylor RouttConway

*12585.36Kaylah GrubbRussellville

13562.08Devin WardRussellville

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Trumpets second band l.jpg

TrumpetsSecond Band

1560.48Austin NuferRussellville

2501.92Jeremiah BaughClinton

3474.92Grant FielderConway

4469.72Aris OrtizDardanelle

5451.72Billy HugginsGreenbrier

6445.16Arbnor PrelvukajConway

7443.84Ashton MartinGreenbrier

8429.04Ryan SpainhourGreenbrier

9423.72Kaleb CrowConway

10418.92Max De KunfyConway

11411.16Tyler ChandlerRussellville

12410.44Colten HaneyDardanelle

13396.92Jake TrickeyConway

Trumpets alternates l.jpg

Trumpets Alternates

1385.76Jared WintjenConway

2384.4Isaac PowersConway

3384.08Zach SmithMayflower

French horns first band l.jpg

French HornsFirst Band

*11099.12Natalie GohmanRussellville

*21022.48Pooja LukhiConway

*3983.96Anna UdochiConway

*4972.92Connor HarrisRussellville

*5965.2Josh HannonConway

*6947.68Kaycee GiffordConway

*7906.08Ian ShrumConway

8895.8Laura BatchRussellville

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

French horns second band l.jpg

French HornsSecond Band

1870.88Kaylee ReedRussellville

2852.48Marianne BurnettConway

3838.04Elizabeth HankinsConway

4832.36Bryan OvertonConway

5809.36Alex FahrConway

6776.04Selene SpatzConway

7762.6Hannah HootenDardanelle

8762.4Pamela LozanoConway

French horns alternates l.jpg

French HornsAlternates

1714.04Sam MannionConway

2704.48Mekenzie BruceRussellville

3625.36Mollie TaylorDover

Trombones first band l.jpg

TrombonesFirst Band

*1986.64Austin WestjohnConway

*2908.56Daniel SeversVilonia

*3777.28Henry BowenConway

*4583.28Clay SutherlandConway

*5583.12Allen SniderRussellville

*6559.16Troy ParksMorrilton

*7552.72Devin RustGreenbrier

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Trombones second band l.jpg

TrombonesSecond Band

1546.64Ben PorterGreenbrier

2516.8Javan BurrierConway

3505.92James DavisRussellville

4443.4Wesley ManionConway

5434.64Craig PenryRussellville

6412.24Jake TumblesonRussellville

7378.32Autumn Van Winkle Conway

Trombones alternates l.jpg


1350.72Denver FoxMorrilton

2334.48Austin BettsMorrilton

3328.32Drake LeeConway

Bass trombones first and second band and alternates l.jpg

Bass TrombonesFirst and Second Band and Alternates

First Band

*1648.48Jackson LongoConway

*2591.6Brooks NusserVilonia

Second Band

  • 419.68Silas ClarkRussellville

  • 330.24Kyle SimpsonRussellville

    *All State Tryout Qualifiers

Baritones first band l.jpg

BaritonesFirst Band

*11141Dalton ShafferConway

*21003.04Will BeckmanConway

*3830.92Eamonn MayoConway

*4753.88Melody TaborRussellville

*5620.92Jackson ParrConway

*6620.8Chris BowdenDover

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Baritones second band l.jpg

BaritonesSecond Band

1611.36Brian VernonConway

2549.36Jeff ComptonConway

3492.72Garrett CrosbyRussellville

4476.68Ashton YarberryConway

5424.6Tyler MearsMorrilton

6399.32Grant DouglasPerryville

Baritones alternates l.jpg


1392.24Zachary HarrisonRussellville

2381.84Douglas DeKunffyConway

3362.08Deandre EvansConway

Tubas first band l.jpg

TubasFirst Band

*1841.36Garry WebbConway

*2737.04Roger MarlowDover

*3672.76Cristian AndradeRussellville

*4643.36Austin SteeleVilonia

*5635.88Jessica WoodConway

*6602.76Ryan MeyersVilonia

7596.48Jacob PhillipsRussellville

8555.92Nate WelbornVilonia

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Tubas second band l.jpg

Tubas Second Band

1496.32Corey LightRussellville

2475.08Joshua DeaverConway

3450.16Christian ReyesDanville

4427.72Trey AlspaughConway

5416.8William MarcotteVilonia

6414.64Josh ChildsConway

7414.64Dexter YoungGreenbrier

8355.88Molly PhillipsRussellville

(tiebreaker – sightreading score)

Tubas alternates l.jpg


1352.44Diehlon RappoldGreenbrier

2348.6Connor StoneConway

3341.08Eddie WoodConway

String basses first band l.jpg

String BassesFirst Band

*1739.48Colby FreelandWS Greers

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

Percussionist first band l.jpg

Percussionist First Band

*1935.5KJohn KreunRussellville

*2929.58Reid SutherlandConway

*3870.64 SChristian HallConway

*4867.94 TWill WallaceConway

*5852.34Rob EdwardsConway

*6852.24MacKenzie RobertsRussellville

*7834.24Simon StoneConway

*8826.08Hayden TrasherGreenbrier

*9785.42Daniel KingDover

*10782.94Michael FincherConway

*11780.1Steven McConkieConway

12778.76William BrydenConway

*All State Tryout Qualifiers

S-Principal Snare, T-Principal Timpani, K-Principal Keyboard

Percussionist second band l.jpg

Percussionist Second Band

1740.36Gunnar BartlettMorrilton

2733.66Morgan SmithRussellville

3700.38Hunter ThrasherGreenbrier

4675.34Jessica BurrierConway

5670.86Kelsea DuVallPottsville

6669.56Kimbi HastonDover

7656Dallas SmithConway

8655.82Dillon LiechtyRussellville

9631.14Aubrey BremerConway

10612.86Sierra ShepherdDover

11612.42Taylor GamezRussellville

12595.56Bryan LutherRussellville

Percussionist alternates l.jpg

Percussionist Alternates

1573.38Morgan BernardConway

2568.7Tori ThomasRussellville

3546.24JP BradleyConway

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