Media specific disinfection
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Media-Specific Disinfection. Surfaces and Air. Legal Issues. 1) It is a violation of Federal law to use an EPA registered product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Solution strength must be according to label Applications must be on the label

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Media-Specific Disinfection

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Media specific disinfection

Media-Specific Disinfection

Surfaces and Air

Legal issues

Legal Issues

1) It is a violation of Federal law to use an EPA registered product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

  • Solution strength must be according to label

  • Applications must be on the label

    2) It is a violation of Federal law for a manufacturer to make real or implied claims for efficacy against organisms which are not on the label.

  • Creates problems when we encounter:

    • FMDV

    • Anthrax

    • Norwalk

    • SARS

    • Avian Influenza H5N1

Surface disinfection

Surface Disinfection

  • Surface Disinfection = Inactivation in Place

  • Surface Cleaning = Removal of Contaminants

  • Commercial products frequently combine disinfection and cleaning.

  • Some disinfectants have cleaning properties

  • Recommendation (at least in clinical settings) clean with disinfectant to avoid spreading contamination

    Pre-Disinfect  Clean  Disinfect



  • What surfaces might you need to disinfect?

    • Household Surfaces

    • Food and Food Prep Surfaces

    • Clinical Surfaces

    • Laboratory

    • Industrial

    • Farm

    • Other???

Concerns for disinfection of surfaces

Concerns for Disinfection of Surfaces

  • Disinfectant Type/Concentration/Formulation

  • Contact Time

  • Type of Organisms/Level of Disinfection

  • Corrosivity and Other Surface Damage

  • Toxicity/Residual Toxicity

  • Other Residues

  • Odor

  • Type of Application and Rate

Concerns for disinfection of surfaces1

Concerns for Disinfection of Surfaces

  • pH

  • Demand and Interfering Substances

  • Temperature

  • Water hardness

  • Soil load

  • Biofilm presence

  • Surface microtopography

  • Precleaning

  • Relative humidity

  • Compatibility

  • Storage of Product/Product age

*In practice, the contaminating microorganisms are not usually known.

Clinical dental surface disinfectants

Clinical/Dental Surface Disinfectants

Farm surfaces

Farm Surfaces

  • Virkon S (potassium peroxymonosulfate)

  • Nolvasan S (chlorhexidine diacetate)

  • Bleach (sodium hypochlorite)

  • Spectrasol (quat)

  • Alcohols (ethanol and Isopropanol, 70-95%)

  • Roccal D (quats with bis-n-tributylin oxide)

Surface disinfection1

Surface Disinfection

  • In study by CRA Foundation

    • 54 clinical surface disinfectants tested against TB and Polio with and without presence of Blood

    • 7 passed:

      • Household Chlorox (50:50)

      • Industrial Chlorox (50:50)

      • Biosurf

      • Lysol I.C.

      • Lysol II Spray

      • Indi-wipes with Lysol

Ozone surface disinfection

Ozone Surface Disinfection

  •   Up to 14 PPM Ozone @ 10GPM

  •   Onboard Ozone Analyzer With Alarms

  •   Exclusive Off-Gassing System

  •   Spray, Mist and Fog Applicators;   Spray Arches Available

  • Advertises a 3 Log Kill on First Application

Uv surface disinfection

UV Surface Disinfection

  • Conveyor Belts

  • Food Prep Surfaces

  • Laboratory and Clinical Surfaces

  • Sterilization of Packaging

  • Mail Systems

Cleaning and disinfection of floors

Cleaning and Disinfection of Floors

Microbial contamination of mop water

Microbial Contamination of Mop Water

Disinfection of food surfaces

Disinfection of Food Surfaces

Chemical disinfection of indoor air

Chemical disinfection of Indoor Air

  • Spraying

    • relatively large particles, which have a higher wetting capacity, but stay in the air for less time

  • Misting

    • smaller particles that have increased penetration and uniformity

  • Fumigation

    • combination of 2 or more chemicals producing a vaporised form of the disinfectant

  • Thermal Fogging

    • similar to misting but involving heating of the disinfectant to produce a fine vapour

Chemical disinfectants of air

Chemical Disinfectants of Air

  • Chlorine Dioxide

  • Ozone

  • VHP

  • Formaldehyde

  • Gluteraldehydes

  • Quat mixtures

  • Virkon (peroxy compound)

  • Sporocidin (phenolic)

Air disinfection

Air Disinfection

  • Chemical Disinfection

    • Spray, mist, fog, fumigation

  • UVGI

  • Ionization/Electrostatic Precipitation

    • Only one that removes

  • Photocatalytic oxidation

Uv air disinfection

UV Air Disinfection

  • Forced Air or HVAC Duct Systems

  • Full Air Systems

  • Upper Air Systems

  • Re-circulating Systems

  • Microbial Growth Control

    • On Filter Surfaces

Uv air disinfection duct systems

UV Air Disinfection: Duct Systems

  • Integrated in to HVAC System

Uv air disinfection upper air

UV Air Disinfection: Upper Air

  • Originally designed for TB sanitariums

Uv air disinfection mgs

UV Air Disinfection: MGS

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