using line shape and pattern
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Using Line, Shape and Pattern

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Using Line, Shape and Pattern - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Line, Shape and Pattern. Yr 6- Still Life with a Henri Matisse Twist. What are line, shape and pattern?. Line is the continuous path of a point along a surface. So, make a dot and then take it somewhere!.

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using line shape and pattern

Using Line, Shape and Pattern

Yr 6- Still Life with a Henri Matisse Twist

what are line shape and pattern
What are line, shape and pattern?
  • Line is the continuous path of a point along a surface. So, make a dot and then take it somewhere!

Shape is an enclosed line. When you bring two ends of a line together you create a shape. There are two types of shapes: ORGANIC and GEOMETRIC.

A pattern is created when you repeat a design element. You can create patterns by repeating designs made from lines and shapes.


Matisse created a cheerful and happy mood with his paintings by using bright colors that popped off the canvas.

who was matisse
Who was Matisse?
  • Born 1869, died in 1954.
  • French.
  • He traveled to Algeria in Africa in the early 1900’s and was influenced by the Moorish designs he saw there.
what is moorish design
What is Moorish Design?
  • Islamic designs from North Africa and Spain.
  • Tile work on buildings including Mosques.
  • Archways, decorated courtyards, rooms decorated with carpets, pillows, painted walls and detailed drapes.

In 1906 Matisse met Pablo Picasso, the not yet famous Cubist painter known for creating paintings of people with features in the wrong places and using unrealistic shapes to describe real subjects.

They became life-long friends and also rivals as they competed with each other for the title of the best artist in Europe.


From 1912 to 1913 Matisse returned to Africa and lived in Morocco, many of the designs in the architecture, and other cultural objects can be seen in his paintings from that time period.

changes in his later life
Changes in his later life….
  • After being diagnosed with abdominal cancer he underwent surgery and became wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.
  • He simplified the designs he created by using scissors to make cutouts instead of painting.