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Visual Aids & Flip Charts. Jill Hermansen Early Childhood Special Educator [email protected] Enhance Learning. Class. Schedule. Class. Rules. Greeter. Bear Hug Hand Shake Smile High Five. Positive sayings on the bathroom mirror. You are loved!. Smile.

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Visual Aids &

Flip Charts

Jill Hermansen

Early Childhood Special Educator

[email protected]

Enhance Learning






Bear Hug

Hand Shake


High Five

Positive sayings on the bathroom mirror.

You are loved!


You are safe!

Flip Charts

Opening Circle Boards

  • Friends Board

  • Opening Song Board

  • Pledge Board

  • Weather Bear Board

  • Calendar Board

  • Personnel Information Board

  • Nursery Rhymes Board

  • Theme Board

Pledge sentence. (I want to sing___)

Everyone receives a stamp on their right hand to put over their heart.

Student holds the flag. sentence. (I want to sing___)

Dress the Bear sentence. (I want to sing___)

What sentence. (I want to sing___)




Calendar sentence. (I want to sing___)

Magic Hand sentence. (I want to sing___)

Used to touch days of the week

Roll Dice

Number it lands on= do that activity as many days as on calendar.


Calendar day inside

Stand on Feet sentence. (I want to sing___)

Motivators sentence. (I want to sing___)

Little Boy Blue sentence. (I want to sing___)

Weekly Theme sentence. (I want to sing___)

Middle Circle Boards sentence. (I want to sing___)

  • Colors Board

  • Shapes Board

  • Numbers Board

  • Letters Board

  • Class Rules Board

  • HWT Board (Handwriting Without Tears)

  • Social Skills Board

  • Silly Songs Board

Colors Board sentence. (I want to sing___)

Pink Book sentence. (I want to sing___)

Pink is the color.

What is pink?

Who is wearing the color pink?

Shapes Board sentence. (I want to sing___)

Shape is a circle. What is this shape? sentence. (I want to sing___)

Big and little circle Circle book

Top and bottom Make shape in the air

Wall of Shapes sentence. (I want to sing___)

Student uses special wand to go and touch the shape of the day.

Numbers board sentence. (I want to sing___)

Touch Math sentence. (I want to sing___)

Activities to do seven times

(touch nose, tap head, jump, touch toes…)

Making the number in the air

Number line

Student finds the number of the day and jumps that many times.

Number 7 sentence. (I want to sing___)

Letters Board sentence. (I want to sing___)

Hand writing without tears letter C wood piece sentence. (I want to sing___)

Sign for the letter C

Two things that start with the letter C

Make the letter C in the air or on a friends’ back

Letter C book

Find the letter C with the magic wand. sentence. (I want to sing___)

Student chooses what song they would like to sing and then reads the sentence.

(I want to do__________.)

HWT Wood Pieces reads the sentence.

Big Curve

Little Curve

Big Line

Little Line

Skills reads the sentence.


Green the bird

Five social skills
Five Social Skills reads the sentence.

  • 1. Getting a friend’s attentions

  • 2. Sharing

  • 3. Giving a Compliment

  • 4. Share Request

  • 5. Give a Play Idea

Captain Kind

Closing Circle Boards reads the sentence.

  • Animals Board

  • Story Time Board

  • Closing Song Board

I live in.. reads the sentence.

Behavior books! sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Tony Salerno’s

Character Building Company

1996 Angel Creek Music

Student chooses which song to sing to close the day. sentence. (I live in a _______.)

“Good Bye” or “Wheels on the Bus”

Centers sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Students choose a center . There are only so many spots at each center area. This works on communication with friends. It focuses on students asking others to move so they can play at that center or excepting ‘no’ if the student does not want to move.

Center Area sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Once the student has chosen where to go from the centers board they then take their name to that center. Every center area has two places. If more children may play at a center it will have green go pieces. Once every student has made their choice from the centers board, students may move to different areas if there are open spots at the centers.

Learn To Move, Move To Learn! sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Learn To Move, Move To Learn!

By Jenny Clark Brack

Autism Asperger Publishing Company

Brack, J.C. (2004)

Ideas for classroom management sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Picture Exchange Communication (PECS) Book

Rules on a ring to show students when not following class rules.

Visual Schedule sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Visual schedule and behavior plan

Green (Go)

Red (Stop Sign)

Vertical Visual Schedule

Making Good Decisions sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Happy Face

Sad Face

Do Twice a Day

Visual and Hands on Activities sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Must Be Santa

Five Little Monkeys sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Jumping on the Bed

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom sentence. (I live in a _______.)


Chicka Chick 1 - 2 - 3 sentence. (I live in a _______.)


Sequencing Letters sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Sequencing Numbers sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Sequencing Name sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Work Station sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Work Station sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Schedule for following work station.

Activities at work station.

Great Work sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Station Book


1. Task Galore, 2003 Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, Kathy Hearsey

2. Task Galore For The Real world, 2004 Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, Kathy Hearsey

3. Task Galore Making Groups Meaningful, 2005 Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, Kathy Hearsey

[email protected]

Awesome Web sites sentence. (I live in a _______.)

Leap social skills curriculum
Leap Social Skills Curriculum sentence. (I live in a _______.)

  • Nurturing Social Skills in the Inclusive Classroom

  • The LEAP Outreach Project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Education

  • Developed by The LEAP Outreach Project and LEAP Preschool 2003

  • Project Director Phillip S Strain, Ph.D.