How Does AdIndex Work

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1. Rich Media Market Trends. Provided for: Ad:Tech San Francisco ... Since the only statistical difference between the Exposed and Control is the ...

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How Does AdIndex Work

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Rich Media Market Trends Provided for: Ad:Tech San Francisco Michelle Kann Dynamic Logic, Inc. May 24, 2004 Control vs. Exposed Methodology 1. Exposure is tracked Both groups are surveyed about their attitudes toward the brand in the banner at the SAME time 2. Respondents are surveyed Exposed Group Control Group Test Creative This methodology at a “Point in Time” isolates the impact of online and controls for variables such as offline advertising, previous brand awareness.

2. How Does AdIndex Work?

The MarketNorms Data Platform The MarketNorms database is fueled by AdIndex studies 4+ years of data 1,200+ campaigns 14,000+ creatives 1,200,000+ respondents Across more than a dozen industries MarketNorms Data Elements For each study in the database, we have 5 types of data: Ad attributes Ad format/size, rich media use, nature and appearance of messaging, ad technology, etc. Brand/client attributes Industry, brand tenure, high versus low consideration, new product launch, B2B versus consumer, etc. Respondent attributes Age, gender, income, state, country, etc. Website attributes Multi-level categorization of website (portal, sports site, news site, etc.) Brand impact metrics Impact on ad awareness, brand awareness, message association, sponsorship association, brand favorability and purchase intent

5. Key Questions

We already know that: Overall, rich media units have a greater influence than gif/jpeg units Rich media units from top providers yield the highest ROI In what specific contexts do rich media outperform standard gif/jpeg units and why? What can we learn from what specific site categories are doing? What industries have successfully implemented rich media campaigns? What can we learn from them? Note: Multiple factors contribute towards a campaign’s success; the following summary include only univariate analyses

6. Overall Gif/Jpeg v. Rich Media

Overall, rich media ads have a greater impact on brand metrics than gif/jpeg ads Diff: 0.9 Diff: 2.6 Diff: 2.1 Diff: 0.7 Diff: 0.4 n=680 n=472 n=365 n=406 n=657 n=437 n=687 n=524 n=744 n=539 Overall Gif/Jpeg v. Rich Media Point increase after exposure n = number of campaigns

7. Effect of Rich Media by Site Category

8. Creative Technology Differences by Site Category Message Association

Message Association Diff: 1.9 Diff: 1.3 Diff: 1.3 Diff: 1.6 Diff: 6.6 n=56 n=44 n=188 n=187 n=86 n=43 n=253 n=205 Campaigns on women sites show the largest differences between rich media and gif/jpeg creatives in raising Message Association n=85 n=78 Point increase after exposure n = number of campaigns

9. Why is Rich Media on Women Sites So Effective?

10. Creative Technology Differences by Gender Message Association

Message Association (Across all sites and industries) Diff: 2.4 Diff: 2.4 n=491 n=318 n=565 n=335 Success of rich media on women sites is not due to gender differences in response to rich media Point increase after exposure n = number of campaigns

11. Creative Technology Differences by Site Category: Women Message Association

Women respond more positively to rich media ads on women sites than on other types of sites Message Association: Women Only Diff: 6.2 Diff: 2.1 n=84 n=42 n=386 n=285 Point increase after exposure n = number of campaigns

Women sites have a lot of CPG advertisers Better targeted ad placement Women Sites Non-Women Sites

12. Brand Industry by Site Category

Rich media units for CPG brands outperform rich media units for brands of other industries

13. Creative Technology Differences by Industry Message Association

Message Association Diff: 4.6 Diff: 1.9 n=186 n=92 n=437 n=305 Point increase after exposure n = number of campaigns

Rich media ads on women sites are more likely to use top providers (Eyeblaster, EyeWonder, PointRoll, Unicast) Women Sites Non-Women Sites

14. Top Rich Media Providers† by Site Category

† Analysis only includes respondents with isolated exposure to these creatives n = number of campaigns

15. Conclusions

Rich media works well, but how it is used is important Women sites have successfully implemented rich media Possible reasons include: The types of brands that advertise on those sites The rich media formats used Other reasons may also play a role Layout and placement of ads Behavior of site visitor: goal-oriented vs. exploratory Creative attributes: interactivity, audio/video, intrusiveness, etc. Reach of target audience Creativity of advertisement Need a more sophisticated analysis to investigate every factor

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