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America Says August 2005 Results. Congratulations to Tish Grote, August's winner, with an average squared difference of 11.1.

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America Says

August 2005 Results

Congratulations to Tish Grote, August's winner, with an average squared difference of 11.1.

All answers below are based on a random sample of 1149 Americans over 18, conducted by Directions Research, Inc. and Greenfield Online in August, 2005. Margin of error +3 percentage points.

Question1 who is john roberts answer 81 said he is a supreme court nominee l.jpg
Question1: Who is John Roberts? Answer: 81% said he is a Supreme Court Nominee

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Question 2: Who would you most like to see replace Sandra Day O’Connor as a Supreme Court Justice?Answer: 47% said John Roberts

Slide4 l.jpg

Question 3: How much have the various acts of terrorism over the last 5 years affected your personal behavior?Answer: 57% said they have not changed their behavior at all

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Question 4: How has your behavior changed as a result of the various acts of terrorism over the last 5 years? Answer: 89% are more aware of their surroundings

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Question 5: How excited are you that football season will begin soon?Answer: 27% very excited, 27% somwhat excited and 46% not at all

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Question 6: Please indicate which of the following you will watch either on TV or by attending a game this coming football season.Answer: 54% NFL, 37% NCAA football, 15% High School football and 37% said none

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Question 7: What NFL team has the ugliest uniforms in the NFL?Answer: 20% said the Cleveland Browns are the ugliest uniforms

Slide9 l.jpg
Question 8: What NFL team has the best-looking uniforms in the NFL? Answer: 11% said the Dallas Cowboys are the best-looking uniforms

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Question 9: Have you ever participated in any of the following fantasy sports? Answer: 14% said yes to football, 8% said yes to baseball, 5% said yes to racing, 3% said yes to "other" and 79% said they have never participated in fantasy sports