Chapter 3
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Chapter 3. Web Page Design Mr. Wilson. After chapter 2 Test. Start Chapter 3 from book Pages 79-88. What We Learned:. Paragraph of text <p> text </p>. What We Learned:. Lists <h2>title</h2> <ul type=“square”> <li>text </li> </ul>. <h2>title</h2> <ol>header <li>text </li> </ol>.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Web Page Design

Mr. Wilson

After chapter 2 test
After chapter 2 Test

  • Start Chapter 3 from book

    • Pages 79-88

What we learned
What We Learned:

  • Paragraph of text

    <p> text </p>

What we learned1
What We Learned:



<ul type=“square”>

<li>text </li>




<li>text </li>


What we learned2
What We Learned:

  • Changing Font Color

    <Font color=“#000066”>Text</Font>

What we learned3
What We Learned:

  • Background design

    <body background=“……”>

    This goes in the body tag

What we learned4
What We Learned:

  • Making something Bold

    <b> text </b>

What we learned5
What We Learned:

  • Italic Text

    <em> text </em>

What we learned6
What We Learned:

  • Text Links (another page in the same site)

    <a href=“filename.htm”> text </a>

    Works the same for an image as well

What we learned7
What We Learned:

  • Link Web Page in another site

    <a href=“”> text </a>

    Works the same for an image as well

What we learned8
What We Learned:

  • Links within the same page

  • Targets- is a named location or anchor within a Web page to which a link can be created.

    <a name=“target”></a>


    <a href=“#target”> text to link </a>

    Example: link that takes you back to top of page

What we learned9
What We Learned:

  • Linking Email

    <a href=mailto:[email protected]> text </a>

    Works the same for an image as well

Complete the following
Complete the Following…

  • After completing pages 79-105

  • Open Desert Plants from the Q Drive

    • Open as a notepad file

  • Complete pages 105-117

What we learned10
What We Learned:

  • Aligning Images (Wrapped Text)

    • Add align=“right” inside the image tag

      Ex: <img src=“agave.jpg” align=“right” alt=“Agave” width=“21” height=“20”/>

    • Can also use:

      left, top, middle, bottom

    • To end Text Wrapping (put at end of section to be wrapped)

      <br clear=“right” />

What we learned11
What We Learned:

  • Adding spacing around images

    • Vspace (vertical)


      adds space above and below

    • Hspace (horizontal)


      adds space on each side

      This goes inside an Image tag

      <img src=“picture.jpg” vspace=“20”>

Things to do
Things to do

  • Make sure you finished pages 79-117

    • Desert Plants and Plant World

  • Apply Your Knowledge 1 (Pg 122)

    • These are in the Q drive, you are just fixing the mistakes.

  • In the Lab 1 & 2 (Pg 124 & 126)

    • Start from scratch and make these sites

  • HTML Site Page 127-1278

  • Pages 79-117 Desert Plants and Plant World

    • Put in R drive, in Folder (last name first)

  • AYK 1 (Dogs) and ITL 1 & 2 (blood drive and school)

    • You will show to me when finished and when I come around and ask to see them

  • HTML Site

    • Save all files in a folder as (Last name HTML)

    • Copy and Paste into the R drive