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Junior Parent Meeting. Welcome. FOCUS: student. Lunch with friends Longer curfew “Better” cell plan Gas $ My Space/Face Book Friday night “Liking it” right here !!!. FOCUS: parent. Class Rank Course Selection ACT/SAT College Visits

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Focus student
FOCUS: student

  • Lunch with friends

  • Longer curfew

  • “Better” cell plan

  • Gas $

  • My Space/Face Book

  • Friday night

  • “Liking it” right here !!!

Focus parent
FOCUS: parent

  • Class Rank

  • Course Selection


  • College Visits

  • Apply/Housing

  • Financial Aid

    & Scholarships

  • Buying a CAKE !?

North high school counselors
North High, School Counselors

Each has a case load of students in all grades:

  • Chia Xiong Language Learners -08

  • Trevor Tagel At Risk -09

  • Lee Kotyza Advanced Programs -10

  • Brian C. Pilz Career Development -11

  • Jenny Marks Testing, Commun. -12

  • Judy Rowe Scholarships/dept. chair

  • Rich Miesfeld Adminstrative Support

NHS’s Career Development ModelTRADITIONALLY we have only asked students to indicate: 1 = college or university 2 = technical college degree/program3 = military 4 = work 5 = undecidedNow we ask students to include their “Current Career Cluster Choice”#name of career cluster#name of career cluster01Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources09Hospitality & Tourism02Architecture & Construction10Human Services03Arts, A/V Technology & Communications11 Information Technology04Business, Management & Administration12Law, Public Safety & Security05Education & Training13Manufacturing06Finance14Marketing, Sales & Service07Government & Public Administration15Science, Tech., Engineering & Math08Health Science16Transport., Distribution & Logistics

Job shadowing
Job Shadowing

  • Is available during any grade; all students receive this information in grade 10

    • A power point may be viewed as well

    • Students simply need to follow the instructions

      laid out for them in the Job Shadowing Handbook

    • Contact your assigned Counselor for J.S. information

Course selection


for grade 12

Keep in mind
keep in mind…..

  • Meeting all graduation requirements

  • Meeting the admissions standards of the institution(s) the student is considering

  • Materials were recently distributed to students

    • inputting of selections will occur soon

  • Minimum of 14 sem. courses on blue sheet

  • Four Year, & beyond, Planning

  • Meetings w/ Counselors will occur in time

Course Description Guide-initially sign up for courses with in this guide-uniqueness will be dealt with after staffing is determined

Advanced Programming


Advanced Placement


World Languages

Youth Options

Advanced Standing

Online Courses



Advanced Placement is a program of college level courses at nhs or exams (the cost for the May exam is $75 ish)

Cooperative academic partnership program capp
Cooperative AcademicPartnership Program--CAPP

College courses in high school

Tuition is paid for college credit

Transcript at college, to college(s)

NHS instructors will help you

World language
World Language

Many universities award “retroactive” credits in a world language

Youth options
Youth Options

A State Statue …

  • Students can take classes

    at a college for dual credit

  • Need district approval

  • The deadlines are:

    -March 1, semester 1

    -October 1, semester 2

Credit determination for youth options program
Credit Determination for Youth Options Program

1.00 college semester credit


.25 high school credit

Our district now offers many courses formerly available only through Youth Options.

Advanced StandingStudents may take high school courses for which advanced standing credit is available upon enrollment at a post secondary school.

Advanced standing agreements
Advanced Standing Agreements

Comparable courses completed as partial fulfillment of the requirements for an Associate in Applied Science Degree or a Vocational Diploma program at one of the Wisconsin Technical Colleges will be honored by the other colleges to satisfy graduation requirements.

ie. Advanced Algebra


Charter school s
Charter Schools

George Warner


“Face to Face”

On line education

Ted Hamm



Art education

… offer a variety of learning opportunities for students through the Sheboygan Area School District.

Weighted grades
Weighted Grades

  • Creates a “maximum” grade point average

  • 44 grades are used after 7 semesters

  • Up to 12 honors grades can be used

  • More than 44, lowest will be removed

  • More than 12, honors reduced to regular

Get set for college

GET SET for College

-for Wisconsin students

& parents

Step 1 know yourself your reasons for attending college
Step 1--Know Yourself & Your Reasons for Attending College

  • Academic Preparation

  • Minimum H.S. Courses Recommended

  • The ACT & SAT Assessments

    • What are they?

    • Which one should I take?

    • When should a junior take it? NOW!

    • When are they?

    • How do I register?

Step 2 consider college characteristics
Step 2--Consider College Characteristics

  • Colleges & Universities

    • Technical, one & two year programs

    • Associates, Bachelor of Arts/Sciences

    • Advanced Degrees

  • Public or Private

  • Location

  • Size of Institution

  • Cost

  • Step 3 list compare visit
    Step 3--List, Compare & Visit

    • Internet

    • Catalogs, bulletins & videos

    • Representative

    • Professionals in the field (job shadowing)

    • Colleges Fairs

    • VISIT …..

      WHEN? NOW!

    Step 4 applying for admission
    Step 4--Applying for Admission

    • Narrow your choices

    • Apply

      • Hard Copy vs. On Line

      • Use the Counseling Center to manage apps.

      • 9/15 through 10/15 is a good target

      • Meet all deadlines!

    Step 5 develop a plan to pay
    Step 5--Develop a Plan to Pay

    • Determine college costs

    • Financial aid is based on need (FAFSA)

      • Grants

      • Loans

      • Work-Study Programs

  • Scholarships

    • Miscellaneous

    • School

    • Local

  • Step 6 review finalize plans
    Step 6--Review & Finalize Plans


      • … although this is also a family process.

    Information resources assistance
    Information, Resources & Assistance

    Everyone at North can be reached by telephone

    ie. B. Pilz 459-3612

    Everyone has an e-mail; it works well …..

    ie. [email protected]

    Junior senior bulletin
    Junior/Senior Bulletin

    • Hard copy information relevant to those in grades 11 and 12, published periodically

      Miscellaneous Scholarships

    • Hard copy information relevant to seniors looking for $$$, published periodically

    College military career reps
    College/Military/Career Reps.

    • Sign up sheets used for students to see NHS visitors during the school day

      Important Dates Calendar

    • Listing of activities

      • What, When, Where & Who

    Use the nhs website
    Use the NHS Website

    • Go toCounseling Center

    Information about the nhs counseling center
    Information about the NHS Counseling Center

    • Important events & dates

    • Career descriptions & trends

    • College search guides & rankings

    • College web sites

    • College testing information

    • Scholarship searches & financial aid info.

    Www sheboygan k12 wi us north continued
    www.sheboygan.k12.wi.us/north …continued…

    • Course Description Guide

    • Local Scholarship Application

    • College Visitation & Career Speaker Calendar

    • Available Local Scholarships

    • ACT/SAT Test Dates

    • College Summer Programs

      etc., etc. etc.

    Www wiscareers wisc edu

    • Information about career assessments, career clusters & specific careers, institutions of higher learning, and many other features …..

    Career cruising

    • www.careercruising.com

    • Four main areas include Career Matchmaker, Explore Careers, Explore Colleges & Universities and …..

    The electronic career portfolio
    the ElectronicCareerPortfolio



    • Organizing and documenting one’s life

    • This site also has a nice “resume builder”

    • Career Matchmaking, Career Selector, Ed. Plan, etc.


    • uwhelp.wisconsin.edu

      • Information about the University of Wisconsin System

        • (apply.wisconsin.edu = UW applications on line)

  • wisconsinmentor.org

    • Information about Wisconsin’s Private Colleges & Universities

  • witechcollege.com

    • Information about Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges

  • Www continued
    WWW. …continued…

    • actstudent.org

      • Site for ACT registration, the distribution of additional test scores, etc.

  • collegeboard.com/sat

    • Site for SAT registration, the distribution of additional test scores, etc

  • apply.wisconsin.edu

    • Electronic application for Wisconsin Public Universities

  • Www continued1
    WWW. …continued…

    • commonapp.org

      • Electronic application for numerous colleges country wide

  • fastweb.com

    • Information about, and log in process for, Miscellaneous Scholarships

  • fafsa.edu.gov

    • Site for Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  • Review student parents starting now
    Review student & parents starting NOW





      • MISC. NOW






  • Photos by b c pilz 1991 through 2007 class of 07 photo by howard hyer
    Photos by b.c. pilz, 1991 through 2007; class of ‘07 photo by Howard Hyer

    To view or review the slide show presented
    To view or review the slide show presented:

    • go to www.sheboygan.k12.wi.us/north

    • √ Counseling Center

      • under “For Parents”

      • √ Parent Night Presentations

        ・ √ 11th grade Parent Night PowerPoint