English grammar parts of speech
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English Grammar Parts of Speech PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English Grammar Parts of Speech. By: Mr. Jim Ruiz. Acknowledgement. The videos presented in this presentation were created by: School House Rock The Grammarheads. Quit. Noun. Word that means: -a person -a place -a thing. Ex. Jimmy read a book in the park .

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English Grammar Parts of Speech

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English GrammarParts of Speech

By: Mr. Jim Ruiz


The videos presented in this presentation were created by:

School House Rock

The Grammarheads



Word that means:

-a person

-a place

-a thing

Ex. Jimmy read a book in the park.

-Jimmy is a noun because it is a person’s name.

-Book is a noun because it is a thing.

-Parkis a noun because it is

a place.

Video about Nouns

Song about Nouns



Word that takes the place of a noun.

Ex. John rode on John’s tractor. (Incorrect sentence)

-Correct sentence: John rode on histractor.

Video about Pronouns

Song about Pronouns



Word that modifies or describes a noun.

Video about Adjectives

Song about Adjectives

Ex. The tall man is presenting ablue car, a red car and a lightbrown car…

-Tall is an adjective because it describes the man.

-Blue, red, and light brown are adjectives because they are describing the color of a car.



Word that shows what something or someone is doing.

Video about Verbs

Song about Verbs

Ex. Mr. and Mrs. Banana are dancing at a party.

-Dancing is a verb because it shows what Mr. and Mrs. Banana are doing.



Word that can tell how, when, or where an action happened.

Video about Adverbs

Song about Adverbs

Ex. Jessica quickly answered the question.

-How did Jessica answer? Quickly.



Words that specify place, direction or time.

Video about Prepositions

Song about Prepositions

Ex. A frog under the flower.

-Under is a preposition because it specifies place.



Conjunctions connect words, phrases, clauses, or even entire sentences.

Ex: “and, or, but, for, so & yet.”

Ex. Grapes are purple orgreen.

-Or is the conjunction. It connects purple and green.

Video about Conjunctions

Song about Conjunctions



Word that express feelings or emotions. They are at the beginning of a sentence followed by ! or ,

Ex. Sorry, I didn’t mean to step on your toe.

-Sorry is an interjection because it is at the beginning of the sentence and it expresses a feeling.

Video about Interjections

Song about Interjections


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