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Poster Presentations Aly Magleby March 7, 2008 Purpose What is the point of doing a poster presentation??? Title Authors EE U ??? Purpose To visually communicate your message to as many people as possible by: Summarizing Work Advertising Accomplishments Starting Conversations

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Poster presentations l.jpg

Poster Presentations

Aly Magleby

March 7, 2008

Purpose l.jpg

  • What is the point of doing a poster presentation???






Purpose3 l.jpg

To visually communicate your message to as many people as possible by:

  • Summarizing Work

  • Advertising Accomplishments

  • Starting Conversations

Poster design l.jpg
Poster Design

  • Focused

    • specific message

  • Graphic

    • shown graphically

  • Ordered

    • organized clearly

Focused l.jpg

  • What is the most important message for your audience to walk away with?

    • Support message with images and text

    • Describe necessary details using short blocks of text

  • Avoid:

    • probably, perhaps, may, might

    • jargon and acronyms—use plain language

  • Simple sticks, details distract!

Content l.jpg

  • Introduction (qualitative):

    • What is the problem and why is it important?

    • How does it relate to the big picture?

  • Objectives/Methods:

    • What was your goal?

    • How did you accomplish it? (brief unless introducing a new method!)

  • Results/Discussion:

    • Include plots, graphs, tables, figures, etc.

    • Explain, analyze, interpret results—What do they show?

  • Conclusion (quantitative):

    • Summarize project—How is the problem solved?

    • What do you recommend—How does this relate to the big picture?

Headings l.jpg

  • Summarize

    • State interesting results explicitly in titles and headings

  • Organize

    • Break into logical sections

  • Show Importance

    • Use larger fonts (at least 36 pt)

  • Make Strong Statements

    • “X Improved Y” rather than “Effect of X on Y”

Slide8 l.jpg


Use active voice


Use serif font (such as Times New Roman)

Use light background, dark letters

Use language your audience will understand

Use IEEE Format for captions and references


Use large blocks of text or full sentences (if presenting in person)

Use font smaller than 24 pt

Use overly bright colors

Use more than 3 colors applied randomly


Graphic l.jpg

  • Shows message using graphical terms

  • All elements easily visible from 4 ft away

  • Title, headings and graphics clearly explain key points (not just results) in large font (36 pt)

  • Details in small font (no less than 24 pt)

  • Balance text and graphics symmetrically (vertical, horizontal, diagonal)

Graphic10 l.jpg


Quickly communicate relationships

Clean and simple

Include explanations rather than referencing elsewhere

Label font no smaller than regular text

Matlab Commands:





Graphic11 l.jpg

  • Related photos/art

    • help convey the message

    • attract attention

Ordered l.jpg

  • Visual grammar:

    • Graphic organization makes key points easily identifiable

  • Top to bottom, left to right (in US):

    • Easy to read in a crowd and natural flow for reader

  • Organizational cues:

    • Shapes, letters or numbers to assist in poster navigation

Examples l.jpg

  • From:

Examples14 l.jpg

  • From:

Creating a poster l.jpg
Creating a Poster

  • To make full poster in ppt, go to:

    • File  Page Setup

    • change Slides sized for  Custom

    • Set Width: 36 in and Height: 48 in (or set to size to match board)

Tips and hints l.jpg
Tips and Hints

  • No amount of flair can make up for poor content

  • You will be provided with Velcro to attach your poster to the board

    And remember….


1,000 words!

Printing your poster l.jpg
Printing Your Poster

  • Put money on your student card

  • Contact the TA

  • Meet him/her at MEB 2265

  • Bring your poster file on a thumb drive or cd

  • Follow directions on handout

Presenting l.jpg

  • Arrive early

  • Set up poster and put out handouts

  • Be able to explain in varying time limits (0.5, 2, 5 min) to people milling around

  • Explain:

    • Context

    • Objective

    • Results/Discussion

    • Conclusions

  • Remember, poster is a visual aid!

Handouts l.jpg

  • Include:

    • Information on poster

    • Additional details

    • Contact information





Other resources l.jpg
Other Resources

  • “Poster Sessions: A guide to their use at meetings and conferences: for presenters and organizer” call # HF5549.5 C6 S55 1984









References l.jpg



Handouts to make for cindy s l.jpg
Handouts to make for Cindy’s

  • Graphics printer instructions

  • Quick reference?

  • 60-sec eval?

  • Slides