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Poster Presentations. Poster Presentation Procedure. Poster presentations are an economically efficient way of conveying lots of information. What is a poster “session”? Science fair for grown ups Why have poster sessions? Efficiency!. What is the purpose of a poster presentation?.

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Poster Presentations

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Poster Presentations




Poster presentations are an economically efficient way of conveying lots of information

  • What is a poster “session”?

    • Science fair for grown ups

  • Why have poster sessions?

    • Efficiency!

What is the purpose of a poster presentation?

  • Overt – sharing of research

  • Covert – Networking!

    • Creating collegiality/connections among practitioners

    • Fishing for graduate students and post docs

A successful poster presentation has three parts

  • Creating a Successful Poster

  • Preparing the “Presentation”

  • Knowing the Procedure

Posters are visual!

The poster is a

of your research. The audience is on the move, not sitting still. Thus, visual appeal is critically important.

Balance TEXT and GRAPHICS.

visual representation

Necessary Text

Title + Affiliation

Abstract (use all)





For IMRD, write a short text and bulleted points

Critical Graphics

Background image that matches theme of research

All of or excerpt of survey/s or materials

Graphs of key results

Relevant photos

Choose text and graphics carefully.

Layout should reflect the presenter’s purpose.

  • Overall layout of poster depends on what you want to convey to audience

    • What it most important?

    • What is most persuasive?

    • Great Website --

What is the process for creating a poster?

  • 3 or 4 “panel” design with several ways to organize poster

  • Use PowerPoint or Corel Draw

    • Sketch out by hand first

    • Set slide size in Page Set up for 44” x 36”

    • Lay out whole poster using text boxes with 15%-20% (or whole page) “view”

    • Enlarge to 25%-50% to work on individual parts

    • Save frequently!

    • Check whole poster for balance before printing

    • Print in Arch.118 or CSE E211 for just $3.00!!

Present the Poster!

  • Yes, Virginia, there is still a “presentation”! But it’s…

    • Conversational in tone – “chatting” about your research where you are the expert


    • Still a Dialogue – cannot hog the floor

Know your research well.


    • For each section of your work, be able to answer the wh-questions: who, what, when, why, where, how


Practice the Presentation!

  • Prepare and Practice a 45-60 second response to the killer* question: “So, tell me about your research”. One sentence each:

    • Topic + significance of topic

    • Research Question

    • Methods

    • Results

    • Discussion

* the preeminent fishing question!

Topic, Significance and RQ can usually be stated in a single sentence.

Given the rate of divorce [TOPIC] which is about 50% of all marriages [SIGNIFICANCE], I wanted to examine whether youngpeople believe that living together before marriage enhances the chance of marital success [RESEARCH QUESTION]. 

Method statement should include basics of design and population

  • I designed a questionnaire which included some yes/no questions, some likert scale questions, and a semantic differential which I then distributed randomly to a college population [METHOD].

Results statement is a synthesis of what is most important.

  • Overall, participants revealed an interesting contrast between a fairly high acceptance of cohabitationas positive for many aspects of a relationship such as working out household duties and increasing intimacy while still having some doubts about the desirability of a mate who'd lived with former partners [RESULT].

Discussion statement is a summary of strongest implication or application to field.

This suggests that among young unmarried people, beliefs about cohabitation are actually pretty similar to beliefs about marriage -- where men and women prefer to live with someone who is committed to the relationship but who hasn't had too many previous live-in relationships [DISCUSSION].

Plan for other open-ended questions.

  • What is most important/significant about your research?

  • What should happen next?

  • How does this relate to the field?

  • Any practical applications?

Prepare & Practice

Follow the procedures for Poster Presentations

  • Bring 3-5 hard copies of whole paper

  • Bring 20-50 copies of handout with copy of poster on one side (color if you can afford it) and brief summary of project, research references, and contact info on the other

  • Other material if applicable (copy of survey instrument, brochures, etc).

  • Stand next to poster and smile!

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