microsoft office 2000: deploying service pack 3   eric ellis  mark plantenberg enterprise office deployment pss premier

microsoft office 2000: deploying service pack 3 eric ellis mark plantenberg enterprise office deployment pss premier PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2. Agenda. Overview of Microsoft

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microsoft office 2000: deploying service pack 3 eric ellis mark plantenberg enterprise office deployment pss premier

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1. Microsoft Office 2000: Deploying Service Pack 3 Eric Ellis & Mark Plantenberg Enterprise Office Deployment PSS Premier Support Microsoft Corporation

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3. 3 Overview of SP3 Office 2000 SP3 contains more than 280 updates. Including: bug fixes, security fixes, and performance and stability enhancements Like SR-1a, SP3 is a new baseline for Office 2000. Admin patch (full-file) can update client PCs. Needs Windows Installer 2.0 There are two client binary patches: Standard compression patch to be used with Windows Installer 1.1x Optimized compression for Windows Installer 2.0

4. 4 Files in Client Patch Artsp3.msp – Access runtime Launcher.exe – Adds file for Outlook® update Mainsp3.msp – Core SP3 patch Ohotfix.exe – Patch bootstrapping utility Ohotfix.ini – Configuration file for Ohotfix.exe Ohotfixr.dll – Library file for Ohotfix.exe Outlctlx.exe – Outlook View Control Sp3cd2.msp – Patch for CD2

5. 5 Files in Admin Patch Mainsp3ff.msp – Core SP3 patch Sp3cd2ff.msp – CD2 patch (Publisher and Small Business Tools) Artsp3ff.msp – Access runtime Outlctlx.exe – Outlook View Control

6. 6 Patch Packages .msp file. It contains a transform of the changes to the database from previous version. Administrative patches contain full files. Client patches can contain the binary differences with SP3 and the previous baseline.

7. 7 Types of Updates Small update Update to one or two files that is too small to warrant changing the product version Excel 2002 Update Minor upgrade Update making changes large enough to warrant changing the product version Office 2000 Update: SR-1a, Service Pack 2 or 3 Major upgrade Major upgrades that change the product code not supported in Windows Installer 1.0 Next version of Microsoft Office

8. 8 Core Baselines RTM = 2720 - baseline SR-1a = 3821 - baseline SP2 = 4402 - Interim SP3 = 9327 - baseline Note: Client patches require the previous baseline SP to install.

9. 9 Windows Installer and Patching (1 of 3) Uses a transform that scripts the install Unversioned files 1.1 – Patch or reinstall an application, and all unversioned files are recopied 2.0 – Package can store an MD5 hash of the file in MsiFileHash table If the existing local file hashes to the correct value, no need to copy the file across the network Faster patching, with fewer bits moving across the network

10. 10 Windows Installer and Patching (2 of 3) Smaller patches for large files New flag in PCP file OptimizePatchSizeForLargeFiles Uses a different compression technique that results in much smaller patches for files over 4 MB Requires MSI 1.2 or 2.0 to apply the patch

11. 11 Windows Installer and Patching (3 of 3) Windows Installer 2.0 now allows for full-file patching to take place on client systems. The SP3 admin patches can be used to update client PCs! With Windows Installer 2.0, patches do not automatically require original source!

12. 12 MSP File Resiliency

13. 13 Requirements for Deployment What is required to install client or admin patches in your environment?

14. 14 SP3 Deployment Client Binary Update SP3 client binary patch will NOT install on RTM bits. Requires SR-1a. Can be at any post SR-1a patch level. Additional patches can only be from CLIENT patches. If admin point is used, it needs to be at SR-1a ONLY! Warning: Do not mix client and AIP patches.

15. 15 SP3 Deployment Client Full-File Update Administrative patch – Mainsp3ff.msp Requires Windows Installer 2.0 Requires SR-1a minimum level Can be at any post SR-1a level MSIEXEC /P <Path to .MSP file> /QB+ or Ohotfix.exe Warning: Do not mix client and AIP patches.

16. 16 SP3 Deployment SR-1a or SP2x Environment (Administrative Update) Requires minimum of SR-1a level admin point Patching the AIP MSIEXEC /A <Path to AIP .MSI file> /P <Path to .MSP SHORTFILENAMES=1 /QB+ Re-cache all clients with updated AIP MSIEXEC /I <Path to AIP .MSI file> REINSTALL=all REINSTALLMODE=vomus /qb+ <Admin path>\Setup.exe /qb+ Re-cache will obsolete previous client patches Note: Apply patches locally and move AIP back to new share. Warning: Do not mix client and AIP patches.

17. 17 AIP Replication For Administrative Updates Windiff.exe Copy differences

18. 18 SP3 Deployment SP2x Environment (Client Full-File Update) Windows Installer 2.0 required Can be at any post SP2 patch level Obsoletes previous client patches to SR-1a No source files needed* MSIEXEC /P <Path to .MSP file> or Ohotfix.exe Warning: Do not mix client and AIP patches. * It’s best to have source files available.

19. 19 Using Ohotfix.exe Ohotfix.exe automates the installation of multiple Installer patches. Applies in alphabetical order. Can use Ohotfix.ini to modify setup properties.

20. 20 Patch Management Tools Inventory

21. 21 OUI XML Output Sample <?xml version="1.0" ?> <INVENTORY> <> <ADMINAPPLICABLE> <PATCH NAME="Windows Installer 1.1 for Windows NT 4.0"/> <PATCH NAME="Office 2000 Service Release 1a (SR1a)"/> </ADMINAPPLICABLE> <INSTALLED> <PATCH NAME="Word 2002 Update: June 21 2001"/> .... </INSTALLED> <APPLICABLE> .... </APPLICABLE> </MACHINE> <MACHINE> <ERROR>Incomplete detection information</ERROR> </MACHINE> .... </INVENTORY>

22. 22 Patch Management Tools Deployment

23. 23 Troubleshooting Installations Log files, log files, log files… Ohotfix creates log files Windows Installer logging Policy Command line Common Issues Updated by other means… Not at expected level… Error 1328: File updated by other means

24. 24 Additional Resources Related Articles and Links: Q266134 “OFF2000: Overview and History of Office 2000 Updates” Q312564 “OFF2000: Frequently Asked Questions About Office 2000 Service Releases, Service Packs, and Updates” Q284273 “OFF2000: How to Deploy Office over a Network”

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