what is a chat bot
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What is a Chat Bot?

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What is a Chat Bot? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Task Build a Chat bot. Hi Human! My name is ELBOT and I’m a Chat Bot. Click my red button to activate me!. http://www.elbot.com/. What is a Chat Bot? . Visit elbot.com and type to talk to him?. Are all you humans this slow!. Have you blown a fuse?. Seriously!

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what is a chat bot

Task Build a Chat bot

Hi Human! My name is ELBOT and I’m a Chat Bot. Click my red button to activate me!


What is a Chat Bot?

Visit elbot.com and type to talk to him?

Are all you humans this slow!

Have you blown a fuse?


Are you afraid? Come on Click me!

Find me another human this one is faulty!


Chat bots look like they have some intelligence to them. But, in reality their conversationsare just a lot of clever pre-programmed responses to anticipated inputs..

Hmm ! Well I think I’m smarter than a human…

Have you met my cousin Siri? If humans’ are so smart why do they always ask us computers daft questions?

Do I look like I know what the fox say’s? But I bet if you ask Siri he’ll know…

what is an input
What is an input?

Any information or data that\'s entered or sent to the computer to be processed is considered input.

Input or user input is most often sent to the computer using an input device such as a keyboardor mouse.


What is an output?

An output is anything where information comes out of the computer.

Printouts are called Hard copy

soft copy is viewed on screen

Soft copy is a copy of text stored on the computer and only accessible through the computer. The most common method of displaying a soft copy is through a computer monitor or other display.


We are going to try make the user feel like they are having a conversational dialogue “chat” with the computer. To do this we will need to get and store some personal information.

We are going to need a container In the computers memory to store the name of the users name. Lets create a VARIABLE , this memory container needs a sensible name.. How about


We don’t know the name yet so leave this TEXT block empty.

We’ll need a greeting!

Add a suitable welcome like this one.

Create a new variable



Put a space after the word YOU


Lesson 1 Video link optional Teacher example components link


Chat bots need INPUT

Type a polite question.

Hi, im ROBOT ROB. What’s your name?


Call up the User name variable



Now add the PRINT block. This will display the Username on screen

Link your blocks and run your program



Chat bots give OUTPUT

simple chat bot greeting challenge
Simple Chat bot greeting.Challenge
  • Your program should now look like this. Did you follow the instructions carefully to make the first stage?
lesson 2
Lesson 2 -

In our next lesson we are going to make a routine which will do some counting and will output a message to the user which will make the chat bot appear intelligent.


Task- Now create a procedure called chat bot.

Place your code inside the procedure. Remember to include the procedure call command.

lesson 2 video time 0 15 30 roughly the middle of the slider link
Lesson 2 Video time 0.15.30 (roughly the middle of the slider) link

Load last lessons program.




What should we do if the user behaves in an unexpected way.

Lets say the user does not enter a name that is sensible.

It would be difficult to write a set of instructions to spot that the name is invalid.

The program would respond – Hello ksfuhdsakfjhaskfj nice to meet you!

But what would happen if the user didn’t type anything but just pressed enter.

Our program would say Hello nice to meet you!

Have a look at Elbot and try presing enter.

NO data – look at elbot no data entered




What should we do if the user behaves in an unexpected way.

What did Elbot do?

Elbot gives a cheeky message, “oi type louder! I can’t hear you!”

Elbot must be using an array to store these messages

Messages must be called for using a random command like the one we used in the blocklyminecraft task.

NO data – look at elbot no data entered

Challenge task.

Using the Minecraft code to help you. Create a routine (algorithm) that checks to see if no data was entered and gives a random cheeky comment.


the slides after this point are work in progress and labels to help explain append
The slides after this point are work in progress and labels to help explain append.
  • Class activity using a gratnell talk through what a variable is and the main types
  • String
  • Integers
  • Floats
  • Array - lists


add (something) to the end of a something.

synonyms: add, attach, affix, adjoin, include, put in/on;

With numbers append really means add

e.g. Variable_X = 1


Variable Z= 0

Variable Z = X APPEND Y = 3

Print Variable_Z

So variable Z == 3


Variables and append demonstrated






Advanced While true LOOPS

No input

Multiple random comment no data entered!



String Variable ()