What s new edline at valley view
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What’s New? Edline at Valley View!! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What’s New? Edline at Valley View!!. Joyce Potempa Technology Department presentation to Building Support Staff February 2, 2010 Institute Day. Overview of Edline, the company - What is it and why use it?.

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What’s New? Edline at Valley View!!

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Presentation Transcript

What’s New? Edline at Valley View!!

Joyce Potempa

Technology Department presentation to Building Support Staff

February 2, 2010 Institute Day

Overview of Edline, the company - What is it and why use it?

  • Edline is web based application used by over 12,000 schools in the US and internationally.

  • It quickly, easily and securely manages information to serve it to registered users with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Overview of the Edline framework:

  • Each SCHOOL has an Edline page

  • Each GROUP (a club, a sport, department) can have their own Edline page

  • Each TEACHER has an Edline page for each class taught.

  • Each teacher, student and parent has a private Edline account.

Who Creates Edline’s Content?

  • The SCHOOL pages are maintained by the school webmaster.

  • The GROUP pages are maintained by the designated “owner(s)” of the group, the sponsor or other appointee.

  • The TEACHER’S pages are maintained by the teacher.

What Information could be available on a School’s Edline page?

  • General information such as the school’s monthly newsletter, the principal’s page, the phone directory, etc.

  • Links to other sites of interest

  • “NEWS” events specific to the building such as open house, spring plays, etc.

What Information could be available at a Group’s Edline page?

  • General information such as group member names and contact information.

  • Links to web pages of interest to the group.

  • “NEWS”events specific to the group.

What Information is available at the Teacher’s Edline page?

  • Minimum expectations have been outlined for each grade-level center (Elem., M.S., & H.S.).

  • Each teacher can determine what additional information to publish to parents, students, and the community.

  • Class calendar, homework assignments, assignment make up policy, classroom expectations, contact information, office hours, etc.

  • Links to targeted learning sites, on-line copies of the text book, homework help sites, etc.

What Personal information is available to students and parents?

  • When POSTED to Edline, the following grade book details are available:

    • Assignments, descriptions and due dates

    • Assignment grades

    • Missing work

    • Current grade to date

    • Absences, if the teacher is recording that in the grade book.

Who can see the Personal Information?

  • Students can only see their own information.

  • Parents can only see the information on their students.

  • Teachers can see only the grade book detail that they posted for their students.

  • The school web master can view all content.

A School’s Public Edline Home AVM!


As a general user with no account, this is what is available

A Group’s Public Edline Home page- AVM’s Counselor’s page

How do users get to PERSONAL Information? They must login!

When a Teacher logs in – An example of a teacher’s personal Edline Home page

When a Student logs in - A Student’s personal Edline Home page

“Private Reports” are links to the posted grade book data.

When a Parent logs in - A Parent’s Edline home page.

The Studentsenrolled

A “Teacher Posted” Report – to be done whenever new assignments are entered.

A “District Posted” report – to be done weekly and when grades are mailed to households.

How often will information be updated at Edline?

  • School and Group Edline pages are updated routinely, as needed.

  • Teacher Edline pages are updated as determined by the teacher and grade-level expectations.

  • Teacher posted grade book detail is to be published after any assignments are updated in the grade book.

  • District posted grade book detail will be published every Wednesday and every time grades are mail out.

How does Edline Account creation work?

  • Edline accounts are automatically created for Teachers, Students and ONE parent based on the STUDENT SCHEDULE file from the AS/400.

  • New data is uploaded every night at 10PM for all schools.

  • Each user is given a single use 14 digit Activation code to access their account.

When grades are posted by either teacher or district office, what email alert is sent out?

  • Email alerts are sent once nightly for all grade activity posted that day.

New District posted grade info available – reflects school office.

New Teacher posted grade info available – reflects course title.

How do others get an Edline Account created?

  • Principals, secretaries, deans, nurses, counselors and other support staff have to be manually added to Edline by the building webmaster.

  • Non-custodial parents or parents who want another Edline account will need to request a second Edline account and that will have to be manually added to Edline.

Who is using Edline now?

  • Webmasters have been updating the School’s Edline page with information and links for the general public to access.

  • Group owners have been adding Group’s Edline pages with information and links.

  • TEACHERS have been updating their class Edline pages and have been LEARNING the new grade book software.

When will Parents and Students begin using Edline?

  • Parents and students have had access to PUBLIC information at Edline but no PERSONAL grade book detail has been made available to them yet.

  • PUBLIC information is available to anyone.

How will parents and students see their personal information?

  • Students and parents must activate their account.

  • Once activated, the account will stay active from one year to the next - provided the student does not switch buildings.

  • Promotion to a new building or moving to an new home and school in the district will result in a new account being created.

What is Activation?

  • Each Edline account is assigned a unique 14 digit code that links that account to a student and his/her classes and teachers.

  • Students are each given one account. Each student has a corresponding parent account.

  • Parents can combine the accounts provided to them for each student so that one login allows them to access all their children’s information.

When is Activation Day for students?

  • Middle and High school students will be given their activation codes in their English, Language Arts or F.A.C.S class during the first or second week of February.

  • Activation plans vary from building to building, so ask your Principal for details of your building’s plan.

  • Elementary school students will activate next year.

When is Activation Day for parents?

  • Activation codes will be mailed home to parents of grades 6 through 12 during the third week of February.

  • The letters will be mailed from the district office and will be one per household listing the activation code for all 6 - 12 students in the family.

  • New enrollee’s parents will be mailed their activation code letter one week after the student’s schedule is built on the AS/400 (this generates the account codes).

What does the Parent Activation Letter look like?

Activation codes for all 6 -12 students in household.

Instructions on how to activate.

Reverse side is in Spanish.

How we going to answer all the PARENT QUESTIONS!?

  • What questions might they have?

  • How should we answer them?

  • What am I responsible for?

Question #1 Parents might have - How to answer!?

  • “I never got my activation codes! What should I do?”

    • Are you new to the district? If yes, the letter will be mailed out soon. If no, see below:

    • Are you a middle or high school parent?

      • If yes, the building secretary can reprint your missing activation letter after checking the address so it can be mailed again. (see next slide on how)

      • If no, elementary activation is next year!

How executive secretarial staff can find and re-print the Parent Activation letter

Executive secretaries will be provided a copy of this page for their reference.

Question #2 Parents might have - How to answer!

  • “I don’t understand the instructions” or “I need help activating my account.”

    • Point the user to the “Contact Us” form on the district web page to submit a request for help.

Building Webmasters will answer these requests.

Question #3 Parents might have - How to answer!

  • “I forgot my screen name or password”

    • If they entered an email address when activating, have them go to the Edline login screen and click “I forgot”

    • If they didn’t enter an email address, point them to the “Contact Us” form on the district website

Question #4 Parents might have - How to answer!?

  • “I am a non-custodial parent, I need an account for Susie, Jimmy and Bobby - I live in Maine”

    • Point the person to the “Edline Information” link on the district home page and have them fill out the “Request for Second Edline Account” form found there.

    • If approved, an activation letter will be mailed out once the account is created.

Question #5 Parents might have - How to answer!?

  • “I am new to the district, when will we get our Activation codes and from whom?”

    • After a schedule is created for the student, the Edline upload creates the account for the student and his/her parent.

    • Students will activate their account at school.

    • The enrollment staff will send out the parent’s Activation letter once a week on Fridays.

Now, what questions do YOU have???

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