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Tim Richards, Tim Green, Simo Varis

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Tim Richards, Tim Green, Simo Varis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tim Richards, Tim Green, Simo Varis. EFIS Information Resource Discovery - Demonstrator. (a.k.a EFIS-RD/ Metadata) 28 June 2005. EFIS – Information Resource Discovery. RD what it the EFIS-RD? What does it do? How does it do it? How is it different from the NEFIS – KB? Some examples.

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Tim Richards, Tim Green, Simo Varis

EFIS Information Resource Discovery - Demonstrator

(a.k.a EFIS-RD/ Metadata)

28 June 2005

efis information resource discovery
EFIS – Information Resource Discovery
  • RD what it the EFIS-RD?
  • What does it do?
  • How does it do it?
  • How is it different from the NEFIS – KB?
  • Some examples
efis rd what is it
EFIS-RD What is it?
  • The EFIS Resource Discovery system is:
  • A metadata system for the entry, storage and retrieval of metadata on forest information resources
  • Based on the Dublin Core metadata element set
  • As such it is a catalogue of pointers to forest information resources / services
  • Initially developed as a metadata demonstrator in the EFIS project in 2001
efis rd how does it work
EFIS-RDHow does it work?
  • Descriptions of the NEFIS metadata elements are contained in a metadata schema in an XML document – metadata about metadata.
  • The metadata schema is used to dynamically generate HTML forms. If the schema changes then the forms change.
  • Metadata records stored in XML are also rendered into HTML
  • The system is implemented using open systems – Apache Tomcat, Apache Xerces XML parser, mySQL, Java Server Pages, Java Applets, ZaVal light weight visual components
nefis keywords
NEFIS Keywords
  • NEFIS Keywords are also stored in hierarchical XML documents and displayed in Java applets
    • for selection of keywords and
    • browsing by keyword.
efis rd metadata search
EFIS-RDMetadata Search



efis rd metadata data
EFIS-RDMetadata & Data
  • Metadata is a “means to an end” not just “an end in itself” – we don’t just want a description and a reference to an information resource we also want the data /information, for example for analysis and visualisation.
  • The metadata should be the “glue” that fixes the relationship between the user and relevant information.
efis rd distributed data searching

















Information Service

EFIS-RD Distributed Data Searching

- a “Web Service”

efis rd data collection collation demo sub national forest area statistics





EFIS-RD Data Collection / Collation Demo – sub-national forest area statistics

Standardised Data

...or Standardisation Toolkit

Java XML-RPC servers provide national information services, data is packaged into XML for transport over HTTP, a multi-threaded XML-RPC client in the EFIS-RD system receives data from each server, collates it, presents it in a table and lastly prepares it for use in the VTK.

  • The EFIS-RD system was developed as a demonstrator in 2001
  • Since it was originally developed the “service oriented architecture” and Web Services and related tools have emerged into the mainstream of distributed computing.
  • A new generation of “Forest Web Services”, including resource discovery (UDDI), service description (WSDL) and metadata / data packaging (SOAP) can now but constructed using open standards and tools, rather than relying entirely on bespoke applications.
  • What could FML do for the forest community?
    • FML could provide:
      • an explicit and extensible definition of forest metadata – a standard
      • a platform independent medium for the transfer of forest metadata - interoperability
      • an explicit and extensible meta description for forest data – a standard
      • A platform independent medium for the transfer of forest data - interoperability