Prague part iii
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prosinec 2013 VY_32_INOVACE_AGJ_140307. PRAGUE (part III). Autorem materiálu a všech jeho částí, není-li uvedeno jinak, je Mgr. Soňa Quisová . Střední škola hotelnictví a služeb a Vyšší odborná škola, Opava, příspěvková organizace.

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Prague part iii

prosinec 2013 VY_32_INOVACE_AGJ_140307


Autorem materiálu a všech jeho částí, není-li uvedeno jinak, je Mgr. Soňa Quisová.

Střední škola hotelnictví a služeb a Vyšší odborná škola, Opava, příspěvková organizace.

Materiál byl vytvořen v rámci projektu OP VK 1.5 – EU peníze středním školám,

registrační číslo CZ.1.07/1.5.00/34.0879.

Vy ehrad

  • a hill over the Vltava

  • there is a ruin of a palace (the seat of former princes)

  • a legend about Horymír and his horse Šemík

  • St Peter and Paul Church

  • Slavín – a cemetery where famous writers, composers and artists are buried

obr. 1

obr. 2

Josefov the jewish town
Josefov – the Jewish Town

  • it was ruinedby reconstructions and modernizations of the town

  • a few synagogues (Klaus´s, Pinka´s, the Old-New, Maisl´s) were preserved as well as the cemetery

the Old-New synagogue

obr. 3

Klaus´s synagogue – the State Jewish Museum

obr. 5

Maisl´s synagogue

obr. 4

cemetery – the graveswere set in layers since

the Middle Ages

obr. 6

The state opera
The State Opera

  • in the Renaissance style

  • used to show German operas and operettas

  • plays mainly operas and balletsnow

obr. 7

Charles university
Charles University

  • the most important Czech university

  • the oldest in Central Europe

  • founded in 1348

  • it had four colleges– medical, artistic, theological and lawat the beginning

  • has 17 colleges now

obr. 9


  • Charles IV was the founder

  • a complex of buildings

  • the seat of the rector, the academic senate and the most important university institutions

  • the oldest college in Central Europe

obr. 8

The estates theatre
The Estates Theatre

  • its first name was theNostic Theatre

  • the first night of Don Giovanni by Mozart took place there

  • it was called Tyl´s Theatreduring the communist regime

obr. 10

Other famous theatres
Other famous theatres

  • At Zábradlí theatre

  • At Vinohradytheatre(oneof the main drama stagesin Prague)

  • SEMAFOR (associated with the names Suchý & Šlitr)

  • Švanda´s theatre

  • Laterna Magicaa multimedia theatreits performances combine music, film and acting

At Vinohrady

obr. 11


obr. 12

Monasteries at b evnov and zbraslav
Monasteries at Břevnov and Zbraslav

  • Břevnov

    the oldest convent

    in Bohemia; has the oldest tradition in brewing

  • Zbraslav

    its church is a burial place of Přemyslid kings

    a gallery with sculptures

obr. 14

obr. 13


  • we can see Troja´s Castle there

  • people can also visit

    the Prague ZOO

  • admire the Prague botanical gardens

  • cross the Vltava to the Emperor´s Island

obr. 15

a chairlift in the ZOO

obr. 16

The dancing house
The Dancing House

  • also called Ginger and Fred (the dancers), the glass part represents Ginger and the concrete one is Fred

  • got awards for design in the USA

  • has 6 floors

  • there is a restaurant

  • a great view of Prague Castle and the Vltava river

obr. 17

The tv tower at i kov
The TV tower at Žižkov

  • the tallest buildingin the city

  • designed by VáclavAulický

  • the pillar decorated with Babies by David Černý crawling up and down

  • opened to public

obr. 18

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