creativity unleashing team creativity
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Creativity - Unleashing Team Creativity-

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Creativity - Unleashing Team Creativity- - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creativity - Unleashing Team Creativity-. Chapter 8. Creativity. Team creativity- ability to produce novel & useful ideas and/or form new concepts using existing knowledge (synergy) Innovation- implementation of those ideas. Ideas can be Realistic or idealistic Conservative or creative

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  • Team creativity-ability to produce novel & useful ideas and/or form new concepts using existing knowledge (synergy)
  • Innovation-implementation of those ideas.
Ideas can be
  • Realistic or idealistic
  • Conservative or creative

The worst ideas are…

The best ideas are…

creative realism
Creative Realism
  • Highly imaginative
  • Very realistic (useful)

How do we increase the probability?

Encourage as many ideas as possible

Silly, ridiculous ideas generate good ones.

measuring creativity
Measuring Creativity
  • Fluency
      • Quantity
  • Flexibility*
      • Variety of categories
  • Originality
      • uniqueness
      • <5% population would think of it.
creative thinking skills
Convergent thinking

Towards a single answer

Evaluation of ideas for feasibility & practicality

Divergent thinking

In many directions, “out of the box”

Stimulated by task conflict.

Creative Thinking Skills
who excels @ divergent thinking
Who excels @ divergent thinking?
  • Teams? -or-
  • People working independently?

That would suggest we approach creative problem solving how?

janusian thinking
Janusian Thinking
  • Ability to consider conflicting ideas, paradoxes, impossibilities, ambiguity & doubt (How can we use a balloon as a paperweight?)
  • Prevents us from jumping to the most obvious ideas
  • Put opposites on teams.
need a balance of
Need a Balance of…


  • Refining & improving existing ideas; select and implement


  • Experimenting with new, innovative ideas; taking risks; discovery.


  • No criticism
  • “Freewheeling” welcome
  • Quantity over quality
  • Everyone participates
  • All ideas considered
  • All ideas recorded
  • Combination & improvement of ideas is encouraged.
  • Is group brainstorming more effective & productive than solitary brainstorming?
      • Osborn said “yes”
      • Studies say “no”
      • Why are we still using it in organizations?
threats to team creativity
Threats to Team Creativity
  • Social loafing
  • Conformity
  • Production blocking
  • Downward norm setting

Occurs when?

-No incentive to perform. Why?

-Low performance becomes the norm

-Low performers are aggressive, high performers hold back

These problems cause the group to do what?

how to enhance team creativity
Trained facilitators

Reduce CIE

Set high standards


Nominal grouptechnique (anonymous vote)

Diversify the team

Use analogies

Applying knowledge to different context

Record ideas

Member turnover

Stepladder technique

Playful environment

Floor design

Supportive culture


How to Enhance Team Creativity?
electronic brainstorming
Electronic Brainstorming