Scouting jeopardy game
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Scouting Jeopardy Game. Troop 63 Monroe, CT. Rule Change: Answers no longer have to be phrased as questions!. Round 2. Question… Survival for 200 In Morse Code, what is the code for: S O S ?. Your Answer Please…. Answer… Survival for 200 Dot Dot Dot (3 short)

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Scouting jeopardy game

Scouting Jeopardy Game

Troop 63

Monroe, CT

Rule Change:

Answers no longer have to be phrased as questions!

Question… Survival for 200

In Morse Code,

what is the code for:

S O S ?

Answer… Survival for 200

Dot Dot Dot (3 short)

Dash Dash Dash (3 long)

Dot Dot Dot (3 short)

Question… Survival for 400

How long should you bring water to a rolling boil for purification?

Question… Survival for 600

What survival equipment should every backcountry hiker carry?

Answer… Survival for 600

1 - Headlamp

2 - Space blanket

3 - Multi-purpose tool (Leatherman)

4 - Lighter / firestarter

Question… Survival for 800

What should you do if you get separated from your gear or group?

Answer… Survival for 800


Stop – do not wander

Think – Imagine yourself on the search team

Observe – Look at your surroundings

Plan – You need to survive until found

Question… Survival for 1000

Where can you find water in the wilderness?

Answer… Survival for 1000

Look for streams in ravines

Beneath the gravel in dry creek beds

Dig around trees and bushes & look for seepages

Spread plastic over a depression overnight & soak up rain water or condensation

Suck/chew the meat of a cactus

Question… First Aid for 200

Explain how to treat a blister on the foot

Answer… First Aid for 200

1 – Wash skin with soap/water

2 – Cut a circular piece of mole skin larger than the blister

3 – cut a hole in the moleskin

4 – Place moleskin over blister in center of hole

Question… First Aid for 400

Explain the first aid for a bee sting

Answer… First Aid for 400

Scrape away stinger with knife

Do not pull it out

Apply ice to reduce swelling

Question… First Aid for 600

What shape is the head of a poisonous snake?

Question… First Aid for 800

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

Answer… First Aid for 800


Dark yellow – orange urine

Dry mouth and headache

Dizziness & weakness

Question… First Aid for 1000

How can you save someone from drowning?

Answer… First Aid for 1000

Within Reach: Grab them or offer them a hand, foot or paddle

Distant: Throw a rope, life preserver, jug, beach toy. Extend a pole or branch

Human chain from shore to victim

Swim to them only on last resort

Question… Hiking for 200

How many degress are there in a compass?

Question… Hiking for 400

Explain how to find direction during the day without a compass?

Answer… Hiking for 400

Watch method or

Shadow stick method or

Equal length shadow method

Question… Hiking for 600

What can you use instead of toilet paper?

Answer… Hiking for 600




Question… Hiking for 800

How should you extinguish a campfire?

Answer… Hiking for 800

Let fire die down

Spread ashes out

Douse with water until cool enough to touch with hand

Question… Hiking for 1000

How do you make food bear safe?

Answer… Hiking for 1000

Hang food, garbage, soap, toothpaste in bag from a tree…

>10 feet off the ground

>4 feet away from the trunk

>100 yards from your tent

Question… Trivia for 200

Why do we use the buddy system?

Answer… Trivia for 200

To protect ourselves,

To look after one another,

Keep track of what your buddy is doing,


Question… Trivia for 400

What is the name of Scouting’s National Honor Society?

Answer… Trivia for 400

Order of the Arrow (OA)

Question… Trivia for 600

When can the US flag be flown upside down?

Answer… Trivia for 600

As a distress signal

Question… Trivia for 800

Name two BSA high-adventure bases

Answer… Trivia for 800

Florida Sea Base

Northern Tier Canoe Base

Philmont Scout Ranch

Maine High Adventure Area (now managed by local council)

Question… Trivia for 1000

What do the stars on the Scout badge stand for?

Answer… Trivia for 1000

Truth and Knowledge