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Jeopardy game. the term satyagraha means this. Question. Dutch settlers in South Africa. Question. Zulu Chief who used highly disciplined warriors. Question. Wrote the poem, “White Man’s Burden.”. Question. Exploited Congolese labor in order to mine rubber and other raw materials.

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The term satyagraha means this
the term satyagraha means this.


Dutch settlers in south africa
Dutch settlers in South Africa.


Idea that one race evolved to dominate all others
Idea that one raw materials.race evolved to dominate all others.


Takeover of a country by a stronger nation political economic and social reasons
Takeover of a country by a stronger nation political, economic and social reasons.


Paternalistic attitude that inferior races must be civilized and industrialized
Paternalistic attitude that “inferior” races must be civilized and industrialized.


Foreign policy introduced by the u s in china
Foreign policy introduced by the U.S. in China . civilized and industrialized.


Meeting of 14 european nations between 1884 to 1885 to divide up africa
Meeting of 14 European Nations between 1884 to 1857 .1885 to divide up Africa.


An event in w hich british soldiers fired upon indian civilians
An event in 1857 .which British soldiers fired upon Indian civilians.


This chinese dynasty industrialized china in order to hold onto power after the tai ping rebellion
This Chinese dynasty industrialized China in order to hold onto power after the Tai Ping Rebellion.


This was built in egypt by the french and later taken by the british to improve trade with asia
This was outside power.built in Egypt by the French, and later taken by the British, to improve trade with Asia.


Term used for british rule over india from 1857 until 1947
Term used for British rule over India from outside power.1857 until 1947.


British trade company in india
British trade company in India. outside power.


Social darwinism missionary impulse raw materials search for markets strategic location nationalism
social Darwinism, missionary impulse, Raw materials & search for markets, strategic location, nationalism


The british called india its jewel in the
The British called india its’ India. “Jewel in the ______”


Who is rudyard kipling
Who is India. Rudyard Kipling?

Who is king leopold
Who is King India. Leopold?

What is social darwinism
What is India. Social Darwinism ?

What is white man s burden
What is India. white man’s burden?

What is the open door policy
What is India. the Open Door Policy?

What is the boxer rebellion
What is the India. Boxer Rebellion?

What is the amritsar massacre
What is the India. Amritsar massacre?

What is the manchu or qing dynasty
What is India. the Manchu or Qing dynasty?

What is africa
What is India. Africa?

What is the mughal empire
What is the India. Mughal empire?