The one tonne challenge
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The One Tonne Challenge PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The One Tonne Challenge. Government of Canada. One Tonne Challenge - Overview. A challenge to Canadians to reduce their GHG emissions by one tonne or by 20% of their total emissions produced each year. Three year program that should start soon. What is being asked of Canadians?.

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The One Tonne Challenge

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The One Tonne Challenge

Government of Canada

One Tonne Challenge - Overview

  • A challenge to Canadians to reduce their GHG emissions by one tonne or by 20% of their total emissions produced each year.

  • Three year program that should start soon

What is being asked of Canadians?

  • Drive « smarter » and drive less

  • Increase home energy efficiency

  • Purchase energy efficient appliances

  • Supporting activities – buy locally, conserve water, practice 4Rs

Tools for Canadians

  • Guide to the One Tonne Challenge

  • Greenhouse Gas Calculator (educates individuals about their GHG contribution and gives examples of actions and the « savings » brought about by these actions)

  • One Tonne Challenge Web site

  • OTC kit

Set up a OTC !

  • Take up the challenge in communities, organizations, employers, in a school, between classes, or challenge a neighbouring school

  • Not only can students do things to reduce their own energy use and GHG emissions, they can get their families involved.

What is a tonne?

  • 1 tonne = 1 000 kilograms (2200 lbs.) or 300 litres

  • The volume of one tonne of CO2 would completely fill the inside of an average two-story, three bedroom house

  • Weight of 5 baby elephants

  • Weight of 30 ten-year olds

  • Under the Kyoto Protocol, our commitment is to reduce our GHG emissions to 6% below 1990 levels by 2012 or by 240 MT.

  • Each canadian generates just over five tonnes of GHG emissions each year.

Actions to Achieve the One Tonne Goal

  • Mid-sized sedan driven 20,000 km/year produces 4 tonnes/year

  • SUV – 20 000km/year = 6 tonnes/year

  • Gasoline-electric hybrid = 2 tonnes/year

  • Driving 10% less, by taking public transit, walking, cycling, or carpooling, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.2 to 0.8 tonnes per year, depending on the vehicle.

Actions to Achieve the One Tonne Goal

  • Using 10 litres of gas less a month, by carpooling or walking, can save one-quarter (0.25) of a tonne in GHG emissions in a year.

  • Replacing an old vehicle with a more fuel-efficient model can save up to 2.5 tonnes of GHG.

  • If every Canadian motorist avoided idling their vehicles for 5 minutes a day, all year, more than 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 would not enter the air.

Actions to Achieve the One Tonne Goal

  • Replace appliances with more energy-efficient models (a 2002 refrigerator uses less than half the electricity of a 10 year old model, saving more than $40 per year on a home energy bill and reducing emissions by more than 0.2 tonne).

Actions to Achieve the One Tonne Goal

  • Computers and monitors account for approximately 7% of electricity consumption in a typical office. Reduce GHG emissions by turning off the computer at night.

  • Trim home heating bills by up to 10% and reduce emissions by up to 0.5 tonnes.

Actions to Achieve the One Tonne Goal

  • Install a programmable thermostat to lower the heat by 5 degrees at night and when the house is unoccupied. This can reduce your GHG by 0.5 tonne/year.

  • Buy food and other products with reusable, recyclable or reduced packaging. This can reduce your GHG emissions by 0.1 tonne/year.

One possible scenario

  • Drive 10% less = 0,4 tonne

  • Reduced packaging = 0,1 tonne

  • Install a programmable thermostat = 0,5 tonne

    One Tonne Reduction

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