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JISC Regional Support Centres Stimulating and Supporting Innovation in Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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JISC Regional Support Centres Stimulating and Supporting Innovation in Learning. Theresa Welch, Allen Crawford Thomas E-Learning Advisors, RSC West Midlands. Support for E-learning…. Supporting the development of e-learning, working directly with learning providers since 2000.

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JISC Regional Support Centres

Stimulating and Supporting Innovation in Learning

Theresa Welch, Allen Crawford Thomas

E-Learning Advisors, RSC West Midlands

Support for E-learning…

  • Supporting the development of e-learning, working directly with learning providers since 2000.

  • Work though regional teams based in 13 locations throughout the UK

  • Broad remit covers teaching and learning, staff development, strategy and management, e-learning technology, learning resources and accessibility.

Identify and Share Best Practice

If you have an example of good practice in e-learning that you would like to share contact Kirsty Hill by e-mail at [email protected]

Regional Staff Development

  • Workshops, bespoke in-house training events, regional events – includes development for teacher training

  • Typical staff development activities include:

    • Introduction to E-Learning

    • Getting to Grips with Interactive Whiteboards

    • Change Management

    • Learning Technologies Showcase Day

    • Online Conference

    • E-Portfolios Forum

See RSC website for details: http://www.rsc-wm.ac.uk/

Other e-learning staff development

Partner workshops and events:

NIACE E-Guides: Three days of hands on, workshop - style training. Developing an action plan for cascade training

E-CPD Programme: New Programme commissioned by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service . Opportunity for practitioners to support and enhance learning through the effective use of technology.

LSIS Connect - focuses on the development of ILT strategies. One day interactive session followed up by distance coaching and half day mentoring.

LSIS Realise: focuses on helping work based learning providers manage change. One-day leadership programme with ongoing support for up to three months.

See RSC communications for details: http://www.rsc-wm.ac.uk/

Signposting Funding Opportunities

E-CDP Showcase Projects - Submit a showcase project - £2000 http://www.bdplearning.com/ecpd/showcase_project_info.html Closing date March 09.

ALP’s Learning Innovation Grant (LIG) programme

Already secured funding for Round 4. Further rounds may be possible.

LSC Capital Grants – for staff development

Last round of funding offered up to £22,500 per provider. See RSC website (http://www.rsc-wm.ac.uk/) for more details of future opportunities.


Mobile Learning Network - http://www.molenet.org.uk/getinvolved.

Opportunities to work with FE to secure funding.

Other Advice and Guidance…

  • Demonstrate new technologies

  • Assessing the need for technology

  • Evaluation and selection process of technology

  • Implementation of technology

  • Examples of innovation and good practice

Jisc infonet
JISC Infonet

Asus eeepcs
Asus EEEpcs

  • Smaller than an A5 pad and weighing less than 1kg

  • Combines the portability and quick-start of a PDA with the capabilities of a laptop.

  • Solid-state hard drive provides fast boot-up / shut-down and preserves user files.

  • Integrated webcam microphone and speakers

  • Many come with Open Office and other Free and Open Source Software

  • Excellence Gateway Case studies

Digital video cameras
Digital Video Cameras

  • Raised considerable interest in teaching and learning because of their portability, ease of use and starting at just £35 their price!

  • The basic Disgo model has only three buttons so you can’t go far wrong with using it either making it a great tool for learners to use (to capture evidence for e-portfolios for example).

  • There are a couple of models available, the basic Disgo video retailing at £35 or a disgo Video Pro at £99.99.

  • Additions – new models with LCD displays. Extra memory

  • Excellence Gateway Case studies

Micro projector
Micro Projector

  • Ideal for impromptu meetings, small group presentations.

  • Switch off instantly and put in your pocket, allowing you to take it anywhere

  • Compatible with laptops, video MP3 players, video mobile phones and other multimedia devices.

  • Powered by either on-board battery (up to 60 minutes continuous presentation) or AC mains.

  • Projects video and 'still' content up to 1270mm (50") image size.

  • Needs better resolution to be effective in

  • classroom setting.

Ipod itouch
Ipod, ITouch

  • Mobile wireless enabled device that allows the user to access educational content online or by physical download.

  • Audio playback (Podcasts of lessons; audio books etc).

  • Audio recording - external microphone required

  • Review videos or images (coursework, demonstration of new skills/evidence)

  • Audio playback : Up to 36 hours when fully charged

  • Video playback : Up to 6 hours when fully charged

Digital notepads
Digital Notepads

  • Looks like an ordinary notepad and clipboard, but stand-alone device that has storage capability built in.

  • Digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper, without the use of a computer and special paper.

  • Can then upload and digitally view, edit, organize and share your handwritten notes in Windows.

  • Additions – Extra memory. New forms function.

  • Excellence Gateway Case studies

Interactive whiteboards
Interactive Whiteboards

  • Can be used for interactivity e.g. labelling activities, with PowerPoint.

  • Showing photographs, scan students work and show on whiteboard.

  • Who wants to be a millionaire type activities.

  • Additions - voting pads and active slates

  • Excellence Gateway Case studies

  • Whiteboard resources on RSC wiki

Digital voice recorders
Digital Voice Recorders

  • Can be used to capture professional discussions. Record conversations with a learner.

  • Files can be attached electronically as witness statements to the learners file.

  • Additions – extra storage, more features. Easy to overlay audio onto images that show activity being undertaken.

  • Excellence Gateway Case studies


Theresa Welch

E-Learning Advisor (WBL)

Tel: 01902 518976

Email:[email protected]

E-Learning Updates: Wobble http://wblwestmids.blogspot.com/

Allen Crawford-Thomas

eLearning Advisor - Teaching and Learning Tel: 01902 518930E-mail: [email protected]

RSC Website: http://www.rsc-wm.ac.uk