what matters most
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What Matters Most!!!

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What Matters Most!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Matters Most!!!. Big Ideas in Properties of Matter.

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what matters most

What Matters Most!!!

Big Ideas in Properties of Matter

unit plan summary
The overall goal is to investigate the make up of the Universe that we all live in. What are the properties that make the Universe go around? The class will investigate the physical stuff, matter, and create an ending project to demonstrate their understanding of one of the unique properties of matter, density and its uses in the real world.Unit plan Summary
essential question
Essential Question
  • How can we change the Universe?
unit questions what are the properties of matter
Unit Questions:What are the properties of matter?

Content Questions:

How do you measure matter?

How do you measure the density of matter?

What is the density of water?

How does density apply to your life?

benefits of using project approaches ongoing assessments and cfq in my unit
Benefits of Using Project Approaches, Ongoing Assessments and CFQ in my unit.
  • Students encourage and support each other.
  • Students peer assess.
  • Students can self reflect and self monitor their progress.
  • Assessment is timely and remediation is timely.
  • CFQ’ will keep the learning and teaching on track.
what matters
This project will help my students develop 21st century skills by:

Collaborating with peers.

Using the d=m/vol to find density of objects.

Solving problems and making decisions about their experiment.

What Matters?
pre assessment
  • Short vocabulary pre-assessment. Using clickers.
  • Pre-assessment of concept attainment. Brain storming.
  • Survey student access to hardware and technology skills. With clickers or poll dadday.
  • Survey of student access to out of class support.

Density in the Real World!!

Students will work in groups of four to create a Glogster to demonstrate that they understand how the occupation that they are given uses density.

They will also give a brief description of the occupation and what are the requirements for that career path. They will also, demonstrate that they understand how to measure matter and how to calculate density, which is an important property of matter. Finally, they will include a section on what other science skills are needed in their profession.