Creating a practical sports gear for pe students
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Creating A Practical Sports Gear for PE students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating A Practical Sports Gear for PE students. Bana Qadan 9BB. W rite a good design specification. E xplain with detail what the problem is and clarify it’s significance in life and society thoroughly. Research in business brochures & magazines. . Investigate.

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Write a good design specification.

Explain with detail what the problem is and clarify it’s significance in life and society thoroughly.

Research in business brochures & magazines.


Make sure my sources have the correct information- must be trusted sources.

Describe in great detail how to test out my product.

Look at different features/qualities the product should have.

Target the problem at a specific age group.

Look at different designs of professional sports gear and compare them.

Draw 3 different designs for your product and logo.

Plan out my designs and make sure they meet the design specifications.

Scan the designs onto my wiki.

Find interesting designs of magazines and brochures to give me ideas on how to raise awareness for my product.

Find interesting designs of my product from a magazine/brochure and scan them onto my wiki.


Draw 3 different magazine/brochure layouts to raise awareness for my product and scan them onto my wiki.

Explain in more detail why I chose this design and how my decision meets the design specifications.

Finally pick a design and explain why I chose it.

Produce a good time plan.

Make a Gantt chart demonstrating how I will use my time for the creation of the brochure/magazine and include what resources I needed.

Include reasonable steps explaining what I will do.


Explain in detail what I will do.

List all my resources and length in time with detail. Include evidence.

Choose and note down all the software and hardware I will need to make the brochure/magazine.

Decide whether I’m doing a magazine or brochure.

Justify/explain in detail any changes I’ve made to my time plan.

I need to judge my time plan and make last minute changes because it’s the time plan that I have to stick with.

Make the brochure/magazine.

If I make any changes, I must justify these moderations in detail.



Make the wiki and post everything I did while planning and designing on the wiki.

Use appropriate techniques and materials.

Evaluate and reflect on your time line (how well you planned it out and how well you met the time dates)

Evaluate your designs.


Evaluate the changes you’ve made throughout the project and explain why you made them.

Evaluate how you did in each criterion, mention your strengths & weaknesses. Include how you can improve.