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Creating a classroom for all students
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Creating a Classroom for All Students. Elizabeth Lovelace 1st Grade eCLASS Teacher Haywood Elementary School Brownsville, Tennessee Follow me on Twitter: @MrsElizabeth08. Differences in Classes. Making Every Second Count. Presentation at Martin Institute Summer 2011 Conference.

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Creating a Classroom for All Students

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Creating a classroom for all students

Creating a Classroom for All Students

Elizabeth Lovelace

1st Grade eCLASS Teacher

Haywood Elementary School

Brownsville, Tennessee

Follow me on Twitter: @MrsElizabeth08

Differences in classes

Differences in Classes

Making every second count

Making Every Second Count

Presentation at

Martin Institute

Summer 2011 Conference

Morning routine

Morning Routine

  • Be organized!

  • Be prepared!

  • Be willing to let students do the work!

Special days

Special Days

November – Turkeys

in Disguise

December – Christmas Around

the World

October – Vocabulary Parade

Make your behavior plan academically centered

Make Your Behavior Plan Academically Centered

  • Individual Discipline

  • Individual Reward

  • Class Discipline

  • Class Reward

Individual discipline rainforest layers

Individual Discipline – Rainforest Layers

Individual reward money

Individual Reward – Money

  • Zipper Pouch

  • Good behavior = money

    (Ex. 1st six weeks = penny, 6th six weeks = quarter)

  • Banker (a.k.a. teacher) collects on Friday

  • Student counts the money.

  • Certain amounts get certain prizes

Class discipline reward

Class Discipline & Reward

The class starts with an amount in the red side – “the bad side”.

Creating a classroom for all students

When the whole class is caught doing something good or receives a compliment from someone, a student is selected to put a marble or marbles in the yellow side – “the good side”.

Reward time

Reward Time

When the yellow side weighs more, the class receives a reward from the Mystery Prize Box.

Small group learning

Small Group Learning

Schedule for groups

Schedule for Groups

Reading Groups – 1 hour

  • 15 min – teacher

  • 15 min - assistant

  • 30 min – work stations

    (2 at 15 min each)

  • Meet with every child every day

Math Groups – 30 min

  • 15 min – calendar time

  • 15 min – mini lesson

  • 30 min – small groups, seatwork, work stations

  • Meet with every child twice a week



  • Name groups with educational meanings Ex. Continents, Animal Classification, etc.

  • Differentiate instruction in all groups

  • Plan for students who aren’t with a teacher

Reading Work Station List

  • Writing

  • Laptops

  • Class Library

  • Word Study Skills

  • Promethean Board

  • Great Resource – Debbie Diller books

Gifted students

Gifted Students

  • Webquests

  • Experiment Friday

  • Special Parts in Class Plays

    Ex. Costume creation, directing the play, set design

  • Literacy-Building Booklets

    Scholastic Books

Common core teacher evaluation

Common Core &Teacher Evaluation

Common core

Common Core

  • Vocabulary

    • Terms for each Subject

    • Word of the Week

    • State of the Week

    • Famous Person of the Week

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy

  • Documentation

Teacher evaluation

Teacher Evaluation

  • Standards & Objectives Ex. I Can Man

  • Questioning – Bloom’s Taxonomy

  • Student Feedback- Thumbs Up or Down

  • Assessments



Face game

Face Game

  • Teacher asks a question

  • Teacher gives four answers with number responses (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Student responds silently by holding up finger(s) in front of face

Abcd cards

ABCD Cards

  • Index Card

  • Write A B C D on the four sides

  • Teacher asks a question and student holds up the right answer

Index fix

Index Fix

  • Index Card – Math & Reading

  • Question on the Board

  • Test Format

  • Grade Quickly

4 corners



4 Corners

  • Label the 4 Corners of your classroom with A, B, C, and D

  • All students stand.

  • Teacher asks a questions or shows one on the board.

  • Students go to what they believe is the appropriate answer.



Additional assessments

Additional Assessments

  • Math Problem of the Day - challenging

  • Flash Cards – any subject

  • Scoot! -

  • Jumbo Book of Learning Games

Any questions

Any Questions???

TASL Credit Code – Martin168

Contact information

Contact Information

Elizabeth Lovelace

E-mail Address:



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