Stronger and Safer Communities

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STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Stronger Communities Executive formedMapping activity to identify key areas of work and priorities for the future. TAKING PART. Proportion of people taking part in cultural activity shows a slight increaseProportion of people taking part in physical activity shows a decrease.

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Stronger and Safer Communities

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1. Stronger and Safer Communities

2. STRONGER COMMUNITIES Stronger Communities Executive formed Mapping activity to identify key areas of work and priorities for the future

3. TAKING PART Proportion of people taking part in cultural activity shows a slight increase Proportion of people taking part in physical activity shows a decrease

4. WORKING TOGETHER Development of Community Involvement strategy Neighbourhood Governance rolled out from Area West to Area South

5. LUTON IN HARMONY Launched January 2010 Shows local commitment to living and working together 16,000 badges and pledges distributed

6. COMING UP Commission on Community Cohesion scheduled to report Autumn 2010 Public sector working with voluntary and community organisations on budget issues Refresh of the Bedfordshire and Luton Compact



9. THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE Targeted civil enforcement patrols Investment in car park safety measures - 9 LBC car parks received the Safer Parking Scheme 'Park Mark' award issued by the British Parking Association and the Police

10. DRUGS AND ALCOHOL Night time economy initiatives SOS Bus Street Pastors Taxi Marshalls Op Duddon Polycarbonate glasses Best Bar None County wide Drugs Intervention Programme – 1,494 people drug tested. 372 (24%) positive for heroin or cocaine – reduction on previous year Tougher licence conditions (for variations and new licences) Age restricted sales training Test purchase operations ENFORCEMENT - Op Paddle


12. BURGLARY: PROGRESS NI 16 action plan Op Peek Bobby Van Scheme interventions Vulnerable homes referral scheme Gating schemes Op Tick IOM and Total Place


14. VIOLENCE: PROGRESS Domestic Abuse Strategy and action plan New countywide IDVA service + extra Luton IDVA Improved MARAC arrangements Police gang unit TKAP investment Preventing violent extremism MAPPA arrangements A & E data sharing Investment in personal alarms and GPS devices


16. ASB: PROGRESS BESST project Victims and Witnesses Champion Shortlisted for LGC sustainability award Op Butler Project Turnaround FIPs Tactical deployment of the Boom Bus and LTown New CCTV in St Dominic’s Square Investment in Hockwell Ring housing 4 additional mobile CCTV cameras Status dogs – youth prevention Kerb crawler operations in High Town Parking – 36,121 penalty charge notices


18. CRIMINAL DAMAGE: PROGRESS Environmental Action Days Graffiti removal projects Improved street lighting Community Payback Community Crime Fighters, street champions and junior street champions

19. PUBLIC PERCEPTION The majority (80%) of residents were satisfied with their local area as a place to live Most people (93%) felt safe during the day But a third of people asked said that they did not feel safe after dark Over a third of people felt that burglary, robbery and vehicle crime were particular problems and that these were getting worse Fear of Crime Scrutiny report

20. NEW DRAFT PRIORITIES – 2011/12 South ward – particularly focusing on TfMV, VAP, environmental ASB, deliberate fires and ASB Violent crime and the night time economy – town centre High Town ward – focusing on all key crime and disorder types Dallow ward – focusing on all key crime and disorder types Perception gaps Offenders aged between 15 and 19 years (including re-offenders) Offending motivated by drugs (including re-offending) Burglary victims aged 75+ Demand location – The Mall Victims of ASB

21. CHALLENGES AND NEXT STEPS Continued reductions in crime and ASB in a harsh economic climate Implementing a revised Partnership Plan Being intelligence led Strengthening the partnership Build public confidence

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