Uniform Etiquette
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Uniform Etiquette. Uniform Etiquette. Identified with NPCC Impression created with general public Personal bearing. Uniform Etiquette: Personal Appearance. Cadet should be smart in Turn out Bearing Deportment. Uniform Etiquette: Uniform.

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Uniform Etiquette

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Uniform Etiquette

Uniform Etiquette

  • Identified with NPCC

  • Impression created with general public

  • Personal bearing

Uniform Etiquette: Personal Appearance

Cadet should be smart in

  • Turn out

  • Bearing

  • Deportment

Uniform Etiquette: Uniform

  • Shirt Should be comfortably loose and not body hugging

  • Boys: leg of trousers should cover ankles, collar to stand

  • Girls: skirts should be 2 inches above the knee cap or 3 fingers above knee cap, collar to be ironed flat

  • Always wash and iron your uniform

Uniform Etiquette: Beret

  • Worn level with the forehead with brim about 2.5 cm directly above the left eyebrow

  • Badge Cap should be directly worn

  • Beret folded to the right

  • Girls: should use hairnets and hairpins, hairbands are not allowed.

Uniform Etiquette: Belt

  • Worn comfortably at the waist

  • Polished and wiped clean

  • Holes darkened

Uniform Etiquette: Boots and Shoes

  • Polished and clean at all times

  • Should not have horseshoes and metal studs under them

  • Socks should be black in colour

  • Girls: Should not fold their socks

  • Boys: Shoelaces to be tight and chain knot to be hidden

Uniform Etiquette: Bearing and Deportment

  • Always sit, stand and walk upright

  • Do not place hands on belt

  • Folding arms across chest gives impression of arrogance and aggressiveness

  • Do not stand on one foot

  • Always respect your uniform

Uniform Etiquette: General Behavior

  • Always wear beret when not under shelter

  • Stand at attention and say “Sir” or “Madam” when speaking to your officers

  • Do not leave any buttons undone

Uniform Etiquette: Compliments

  • Always greet an officer either by saluting or standing to attention

  • Only salute when in full uniform with beret on

  • Salutation applies only to the ranks of SI and above

  • The same applies to Police Officers of ranks of SI and above

Uniform Etiquette: Classroom / LT

  • Cadet nearest to the door to alert the class to sit straight and still

  • He/She will then stand up and greet the arriving officer/lecturer

  • Always sit up straight with hands resting on desk with berets on tables or laps

Uniform Etiquette: Badges

Uniform Etiquette: Positioning (front)

Standard Attire



Full Uniform

Half Uniform

Standard Attire



Mufti (Quarter Uniform)

P.T. Kit

The End

Done By: CI Kelvin

CI Lup Peng

Special thanks to: HO Kelvin

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