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Unit 4 warm ups
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Unit 4 Warm-ups. Warm-up 01/13/14. On page 76 of your journal, answer the following questions What is mood? What is tone? What is the difference between the two?. Warm-up 01/14/14. On page 78 of your journal, Fill in the box below based on Picasso’ s Guernica. Warm-up 1/15/14.

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Unit 4 Warm-ups

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Unit 4 warm ups

Unit 4 Warm-ups

Warm up 01 13 14

Warm-up 01/13/14

On page 76 of your journal, answer the following questions

  • What is mood?

  • What is tone?

  • What is the difference between the two?

Warm up 01 14 14

Warm-up 01/14/14

On page 78 of your journal,

Fill in the box below based on Picasso’ s Guernica.

Warm up 1 15 14

Warm-up 1/15/14

On page 80 of your journal,

Write down the following sentences and then use the words in the word bank to label each sentence. A sentence may have several labels.

  • Sit down and be quiet.

  • Do you think there are a lot of differences between Jack and I?

  • We enjoy each other’s company but we have become very bored so it is best we part ways.

Warm up 1 23 14

Warm-up 1/23/14

On page 86 of your journal,

All 5 of these words are used in the short story you will read.

Define these words:

  • Puritanical

  • Furtive

  • Stealth

  • Moor

  • Corridor

    After you have defined these words, predict what you think the story will be about based on the definitions of these words. Your prediction should be 3-5

    sentences long.

Warm up 1 24 14

Warm-up 1/24/14

On page 88 of your journal,

Decide whether the statement is implicit or explicit information. Label each sentence (I) or (E) after you write it.

  • Whale sharks are not very fast swimmers.

  • The whale shark is the world’s largest fish because it can grow up to 40ft.

  • The shark specie includes one of the most humungous fish in the world.

  • Their average speed is 3 mph which doesn’t cover a lot of distance in a short amount of time.

Warm up 1 27 14

Warm-up 1/27/14

On page 90 of your journal,

Answer the following question:

Does everyone love being in love?

Now read all of page 517. Take notes on the following three listed categories on that page. YOUR CHART SHOULD BE BIGGER THAN THE CHART BELOW. The setup on your page should look as follows:

Warm up 2 3 14

Warm-up 2/3/14

On page 92 in your journal,

1. Define the following words:

  • Convivial

  • Dwindle

  • Flimsy

  • Forlorn

  • Muse

  • Pendulum

  • Recede

  • Subtly

    2. Once you have finished, turn to page 451 in your textbook and complete the Vocabulary in Context section

Warm up 2 4 14

Warm-up 2/4/14

 On page 94 of your journal,

Match each one of the following list of words with one of your 3 vocabulary words listed below. Then explain in a complete sentence why you chose that word to pair with your vocabulary word. Remember to reference the definition of your vocabulary word in your explanation. Look on page 73(1st and 4th) and 7 2 (2nd block) of your journal

  • Subtly2. Forlorn3. Recede

  • Hairline:

  • Whisper:

  • Orphan:

Warm up 2 5 14

Warm-up 2/5/14

On page 96 of your journal,

Tell me about something that happened to you over the last 5 days.

You must choose an author whose style you would like to write in.


A. Gary Soto(very descriptive, contemporary sentences),

B. H.G. Wells (descriptive, complex, formal), or

C. Dorothy Parker (ironic, humorous poem that is written in the traditional poetry form.

If you use A or B then you must at least write a paragraph. If you use choice C then it needs to be at least 6 lines (Remember every 2 lines in traditional poetry is a sentence).

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