Cdm as part of energy system in ontario
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CDM as part of Energy System in Ontario PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CDM as part of Energy System in Ontario. February 9, 2011. Summerhill. Incorporated in 1993, Summerhill is a mission driven business committed to market transformation . We develop and execute strategies that move the market to better choices for consumers and the environment . Summerhill.

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CDM as part of Energy System in Ontario

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CDM as part of Energy System in Ontario

February 9, 2011


Incorporated in 1993, Summerhill is a mission driven business committed to market transformation. We develop and execute strategies that move the market to better choices for consumers and the environment.


Summerhill is based in Toronto, with offices in Regina and Montreal, with 60 full-time staff and over 2,000 part-time representatives employed for program delivery across Canada and the United States.

Our Impact from 2008 to Present

Since 2008, Summerhill programs have made significant impacts that affect our air quality, energy consumption, water usage and stewardship of the Earth. Summerhill, with our clients and partners, have worked to transform markets to sustainability and help Canadians make better choices every day.


tonnes of smog-forming emissions prevented

82.5 millionkWh/yearof energy saved

547,309kilogramsof waste diverted

2.63 billion Litres/yearof water saved

Note: Results do not include 2010 programs currently in-market and those that recently closed.

Our Services

  • Consumer-facing Environmental Programs

  • Commercial Energy Programs

  • Employee Engagement and Education

  • Trends Research

  • Sustainability Content Development

  • Strategic Consulting

Our Clients

When it comes to results, our clients can look back at the numbers and see that we have made a significant difference to their business and the environment.

1990s: Pushing from the Outside...

  • Ontario Hydro had programs in the 1990s – as part of Power Corporation Act of 1990

  • By late 1991, Ontario Hydro had invested nearly $179 million in energy conservation, which produced a reduction in demand, in that year, of 250 megawatts and resulted in a savings to customers of $28 million.

2005-2007: Leveraging LDCs

  • Name another industry that makes revenue from NOT selling its product?

  • Third tranche CDM activities

    • $163 million, 85 LDCs

    • 220 MW, 1,358 GWh

    • 57% residential, 31% ICI, 8% system, 4% low-income

  • Creating the culture of conservation

  • Customer service benefits

  • Creation of OPA

2008-Present : Sophistication

  • The Role of OPA vs LDCs is established

  • Province wide mandate – with customization

  • Shift focus to bigger CDM opportunities – commercial/industrial, demand response etc.

  • More sophistication re: market segmentation, use of channel partners

  • More legitimacy as part of energy system

The Future: Long Term Potential

Goal = 1330


Goal = 6,000


The Future: Long Term Potential

  • 2030 Long Term Energy Plan

    • 7100 MW

    • 28 TWh

  • Context: since 2003, we have achieved 1,700 MW; and that’s low hanging fruit

  • Evaluation, Monitoring, Verification will be important



  • Engineers talking to engineers

  • Different agendas for different people – the need for integration

  • Keeping the consumer at the centre of everything – sometimes we forget this

The Future of CDM

Conservation will play a key role in Ontario’s energy system

  • A long way to go – even new buildings are inefficient!

  • Smart grid is a function of smart people

  • Green jobs – 50:1 ratio

  • Codes and Standards – pushing market transformation

  • Energy Storage

Contact Us

Corey Diamond

President, Chief Transformer

416-922-2448 x227

[email protected]

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