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What is it?. A Windows LaptopRuns Windows XP Tablet PC EditionFull Windows XP supportRuns all XP applicationsSame hardware as laptop, plus a digitizer screen interfaceHas a

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The Tablet PC

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1. The Tablet PC Serge Goldstein, OIT

2. What is it? A Windows Laptop Runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Full Windows XP support Runs all XP applications Same hardware as laptop, plus a digitizer screen interface Has a pen that can be used as a mouse. Runs special applications that use pen for input.

3. Two Flavors Slate No build-in keyboard Light Notebook-like Currently 24 models on market Convertible Attached keyboard Really a laptop with pen capability Heavier, bulkier than slate, but more general purpose Currently 21 models

4. Motion Slates

5. Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad X41

6. Learning about Tablet PCs The Microsoft Web site: Other Web Sites Tabletpctalk: Tabletpcbuzz: The Tablet PC:

7. Whats Special Generally lighter than laptop (but single-spindle). Long battery life. Allows interaction with pen NOT like PDA: usually no battery in pen, and screen is not touch-sensitive (lenovo/motion coming out with touch-sensitive tablet). Requires special pen (generally inter-changeable among models). Multiple screen orientations.

8. How does Pen Work? Just like a mouse with all applications and the OS Demo Allows pen input with some applications. Applications fall into 3 classes with respect to pen: pen-aware: fully capable pen-enabled: some capability/accommodation pen-ignorant: no pen input support

9. Pen-Ignorant Applications Most applications: IE Pen treated as mouse: demo CAN take advantage of PEN through special application, Microsoft Journal Have application print to Journal printer Screen capture Journal allows full annotation (it is pen-aware).

10. Pen-Ignorant Applications What happens when you have to type? The magical tablet pc input panel application. Supports typing or writing. Converts to character input. Also used to enter special characters. No training required! Models also have special hot keys to ABCDE control applications.

11. Pen-Enabled Applications All the Microsoft Office Suite Varying features Power-Point: Support pen-driven navigation and annotation Demo Allows inserting pen annotations Look like images to other software Word: Demo

12. Pen-Aware Applications Journal Full annotation Can do pen-to-ink conversion Demo One-Note Implements paper notebook-like capability Demo New applications

13. Why Tablets? For students: Can take notes in class (much less disruptive than typing) Can draw, annotate For Faculty: Can have combined overhead and computer capability Un-deaden Power-Point Draw, then save for later access by students

14. How Much? $1500 base, more like $2000 Should also get a docking station: $200-$5000 Slates sturdier than convertibles, but less flexible Looking to add Lenovo X60 model to FCP

15. Lenovo X60T Processor: Intel Core Duo L2500 1.83GHz OS: Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Hard Drive: 2.5" Hitachi 80GB 5400RPM RAM: 2GB DDR2 SDRAM (667MHz), max RAM config of 4GB Screen Size: 12.1" Intel A/B/G WiFi Screen Resolution: SXGA+ 1400 x 1050 Graphics: Intel Media Accelerator 950 (256 megs) 3 Year EasyServ Depot Warranty 8-cell (7 hour) battery life (4.3 lbs) $2K

16. More Lenovo X60T Battery: 8-cell extended life battery (7.5 hours of quoted battery life) Dimensions:10.8" x 9.5" x .83 - [1.1" - 1.30"] (width x depth x thickness [varies from front to back]) Weight: about 3.77lbs with 4-cellbattery, 4.23lbs with 8-cell battery Integrated Communications: 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless, Modem, Gigabit Ethernet, Verizon EVDO WWWAN (optional), Bluetooth (optional), IrDA

17. Lenovo X60T

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