Unit 9 Technology
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Unit 9 Technology Life on the go. Life on the go. LIFE ON THE GO. After listening to the tape, answer the questions as follows:. 1. Why do some school leaders not let students use cellphones? 2. What do some parents worry about? 3. Why does Wang Mei think cellphone is the most

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Life on the go

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Unit 9 Technology

Life on the go

Life on the go


After listening to the tape, answer the questions as follows:

1. Why do some school leaders not let students use


2. What do some parents worry about?

3. Why does Wang Mei think cellphone is the most

useful invention?

Because cellphones disturb lessons.

Some parents worry that their children will spend too

much time and money on phone calls.

Because she thinks that cellphone helps her do

whatever she wants to do and still in touch with her

parents and friends.

ReadingRead the whole text and try to find the main idea of each paragraph

Paragraph I :

  • Wang Mei is an example of Chinese teenagers who have cellphones.

Paragraph II

  • Cellphones can be used for many things.

Paragraph III


This paragraph is mainly talking about_____

  • Cellphones have changed our behaviour

  • and how we communicate.

  • B. Cellphones also cause problems in school

  • and at home.

  • C. Cellphones are being used everywhere,

  • sometimes where they shouldn’t.

  • D. Cellphones are not allowed in the classroom.

There are several reasons why teenagers

like cellphones.

Paragraph IV


True or false?

Decide if it is the reason why teenagers like cellphones.


A. we can use it to do business in our daily life.

B. Cellphones make us feel safer.

C. Cellphones have changed our behaviour.

D. Cellphones help us stay in touch with our

friends and family.

E. Cellphones are becoming cheaper and


F. Cellphones are fun and cool.






Paragraph V

Wang Mei explains why she likes her cellphone and what she uses it for.

Exercise: according to the text, fill in the

blanks with proper words .

Cellphones, or ___________, make it _____

for us to talk to anyone from anywhere.Words

and ______are being sent throughout the world.

Modern cellphones are _________just phones.

New _______are being added to the phones.

The latest cellphones have_________such as

games, music and an electronic__________

that will remind you about___________and

important dates.

mobile phones



more than





Word Study:

Match the words on the left with their

meaning on the right.






A. a dangerous situation where quick

action is needed.

B. to make someone remember


  • a young person between 13 and

  • 19 years old

D. a book that shows the days,weeks

and months of a particular year

E. all over


  • Now more and more students are interested in cellphones,do you think it is good or bad for students to buy and use cellphones ?


  • According to your discussion, write a short passage about cellphones,state your opinions clearly.

Key words:

  • Advantages :1. stay in touch with…

    2. call for help…

    3. send e-mail and…

    4. remind you about appointments…

    5. …

Disadvantages : 1. expensive…

2. disturb lessons…

3. spend time and money…

4. bad to health…

5. play games…

6. …

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