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Get Motivated. Lessons in Leadership. Created by: Donna Golab. The Road to Success. If you want something badly enough, be persistent “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Write your own personal definition of success Opportunities for success are unlimited

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get motivated

Get Motivated

Lessons inLeadership

Created by: Donna Golab

the road to success
The Road to Success
  • If you want something badly enough, be persistent
    • “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
  • Write your own personal definition of success
  • Opportunities for success are unlimited
  • Never take your success for granted
  • Success is a choice
    • Only you can build the foundation for your success.
    • Your thoughts and actions can determine how successful you will be in life.

Tom Hanks

communicating for success
Communicating for Success
  • Talking
    • Good communication
    • Right attitude
    • Respect people
    • Maintain eye contact
    • Be open and honest
    • Be willing to reveal information that you are asking
  • Listening
    • Ask follow-up questions
    • Show interest

Larry King

how do you succeed
How Do You Succeed
  • Meet the general needs and wants of people
  • Your success is someone else’s success
    • Provide jobs, services, etc.
  • Business and charity are two sides of the same coin
  • Change rules of game

Steve Forbes

five principles to success
Five Principles to Success
  • Strive to make a difference
  • Be willing to take on risks, different challenges, important assignments
  • Be self aware and open to feedback
    • Be an open and active listener
    • Don’t be defensive
    • Take accountability for yourself and your actions
  • Find a coach
    • Build relationships that will help you succeed
  • Always maintain integrity
    • Do the right thing
    • Treat others with respect
    • Be tough minded, but soft hearted

Rick Belluzzo

spiritual side of success
Spiritual Side of Success
  • Observe the spiritual precondition for success
  • Pursue intimacy with God
  • Be at peace with God and man
  • Live free
  • Stand firm in faith

Peter Lowe

lessons in success
Lessons in Success
  • Be the best
  • Love your product
  • Play up your strengths
  • Keep your sense of humor
  • Don’t pay attention to criticism
  • Keep your eye on the prize

George Foreman

accelerate your business and personal success
Accelerate Your Business and Personal Success
  • There’s always more than one way of looking at it.
  • First key to creating breakthroughs in your life is congruent with who we are in body, soul, and spirit.
  • Change your outcome, change your words, speak what you want.
  • Our words determine the destination and reality of our lives.
  • Our minds are controlled by the words we speak.

Peter Lowe

  • Respect differing opinions
  • Keep good people
  • Work for the future
  • Speak and act with conviction
  • Improve conditions for others
  • Accept the consequences of your actions

President Gerald R. Ford

six keys to effective leadership
Six Keys to Effective Leadership
  • Know what you believe
    • Religiously
    • Politically
    • Socially
    • Know your destination
    • Determine your goals
  • Be an optimist
  • Have a set of goals and courage
    • Courage is having fear and making the right decision anyway
  • Practice relentless preparation
    • Continue to study
    • Attain knowledge
    • Acquire skills
    • Anticipate everything (plan, practice, prepare)
  • Teamwork
    • You can build a strong team by figuring out your weaknesses
    • Find people who do your weaknesses well, that is where you need help
  • Communicate effectively
    • Written and Verbal

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

how to lead in difficult times
How to Lead in Difficult Times
  • Be there when things go wrong
  • Care about people
  • Think positive
  • Never give up
  • Get ideas from your mind and heart and get it to others
  • Know things about yourself so you can lead others
  • Balance strengths and weaknesses
  • Be confident, know what you are talking about

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

leadership values
Leadership Values
  • Value of the family
  • Value of compassion
  • Value of contribution
  • Value of bringing people together

President George W. Bush

characteristics of leadership
Characteristics of Leadership
  • Sense of values
    • Help others
    • Give the other guy credit
    • Listen more
    • Don’t talk about yourself
    • Be fair
    • Be honest

President George Bush and his mother

leadership secrets
Leadership Secrets
  • Work your way to the top
  • Complete the task at hand
  • React quickly to crisis
  • Prepare for criticism and don’t take it personally
  • Stick to your convictions
  • Lead by integrity
  • Live beyond yourself

Margaret Thatcher

how to manage lead and succeed
How to Manage, Lead and Succeed
  • Innovation is key
    • Better product or service
    • Create new category
  • Company’s success begins with its people
    • Highly motivated and supported workforce
    • Hire people with passion and energy
  • Reach out to customers
    • Consistent, dedicated strategy to build customer loyalty

Rick Belluzzo

thoughts from rick belluzzo
Thoughts from Rick Belluzzo
  • Believe in yourself
  • Be positive
  • Be proactive
  • Be energetic
  • Be willing to learn
make a difference
Make a Difference
  • What can I do to effect positive change for others?
  • How will I commit my time to making a difference?
  • How will I commit my money to making a difference?
  • How will I use my influence to make a difference?

John Walsh

thoughts from suze orman
Thoughts from Suze Orman
  • What do you have to get motivated about?
    • Make more with what you already have!
  • List what you have
  • Make more money out of less
  • Make every dollar you have count
  • Have a will
inspirations by zig ziglar
Inspirations by Zig Ziglar
  • You don’t drown by falling in water, you drown when you stay there.
  • You can do it.
  • Automobile University—build winning attitude and stay motivated.
  • Tomorrow will be better.
  • Love you.
  • I have faith in you.
  • I’m doing better than good!
  • You can’t climb a smooth mountain, it has to have rough edges.
thoughts from zig ziglar
Thoughts from Zig Ziglar
  • It is better to train and lose employees than not train and keep them.
  • Stress—a little is good, too much is harmful; and it effects job, relationships, health, etc.
  • Respond is positive, react is negative.
  • Every failure is not always bad, it is a valley of the mountain.
  • Environment will improve if you think positive.
  • What you send out, you will get back.
  • What you say impacts others—for the good or bad.
  • You have to identify the problem before it can be solved.
  • Once trust is lost, it is very hard to regain.
do you see what i see
Do You See What I See?
  • Use vision to create change
  • Attributes of an effective shared vision
    • Feasible-shows realistic picture of future with goals
    • Desirable-appeals to long-term interests of all
    • Focused-provides clear guidance in decision making process
    • Flexible-allow alternate responses in changing conditions
    • Communicable-easy to communicate
    • United-everyone accountable for their contribution

Staff Writer

the top ten time wasters
The Top Ten Time Wasters
  • Shifting priorities
  • Telephone interruptions
  • Lack of direction/objectives
  • Attempting too much
  • Drop-in visitors
  • Ineffective delegation
  • Cluttered desk/losing things
  • Procrastination/lack of self-discipline
  • Inability to say “no”
  • Meetings

Staff Writer

how to be more organized productive and effective
How to be More Organized, Productive, and Effective
  • Visualize
    • Focus on desired outcome, not the effort
  • Get started
    • Organize your environment
  • Write it down
    • Assign time slots to tasks
    • Create an ideal schedule
  • Do daily planning
  • Avoid distractions
  • Clear the clutter
    • Bring in new, eliminate something else
  • Reward yourself
  • Maintain balance
    • Seven vital areas: Health, Family, Financial, Intellectual, Social, Professional, and Spiritual

Staff Writer

bring it on
Bring It On!
  • Identify your competition
  • Analyze the competition
  • Be your best
  • Enjoy the competition

Jamie Sale and David Pelletier

  • Secret to success is hard work
    • Be a leader
    • Lead by example
  • Mental preparation is key
  • Adjust—make changes
  • Learn from mistakes
    • Remember what you did wrong
  • Determination

Ben Roethlisberger

become champions
Become Champions
  • Set your goals
  • Stay focused
  • Maintain your determination
  • Believe in your success
  • Show good sportsmanship
  • Recognize your success

Venus and Serena Williams

what is a winning belief system
What is a Winning Belief System?
  • The assurance of things not yet seen.
  • Create a winning belief system by looking at life in different ways.
  • For our circumstances to change, we have to change.
  • What you believe is more important than how you believe.
  • We don’t just need information for success; we need transformation.
  • To change: Stop doing what you are doing now and repent.
  • Winners don’t give up; they get up!

Peter Lowe

building a better you
Building a Better You
  • Quality of life
    • Your choices make it better or worse
    • Attitude makes a difference
    • You need to laugh
    • The way you see your future is important
    • Set goals
    • Make commitment
    • Every minute has value
    • Truth always works
    • We have to prioritize life
    • Joy comes when you do things for other people

Zig Ziglar

live a life of balance
Live a Life of Balance
  • Identify the elements of a balanced life
  • Establish priorities
  • Plan your day
  • Keep personal commitments
  • Manage your time
  • Avoid pitfalls
  • Don’t neglect your health
  • Resist procrastination
  • Set a bottom line
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate
  • Stay focused
  • Level with others

Staff Writer

goal achievement
Goal Achievement
  • Plan with attitude
  • Prepare with aptitude
  • Participate with servitude
  • Receive with gratitude, and that should be enough to
  • Separate you from the multitudes

Krish Dhanam

top seven traits of good communicators
Top Seven Traits of Good Communicators
  • Look at things from a new angle, taking unexpected points of view on familiar subjects
  • Broaden horizons
  • Don’t talk about yourself all the time
  • Curious, ask questions, learn new things
  • Empathize
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Enthusiastic, communicating a passion for what they are doing with their lives and an interest in you and your life as well

Larry King

rebounding from failure
Rebounding from Failure
  • Accept the failure
  • Understand what caused the problem
  • Evaluate what can be done to correct the problem
  • Create a strategy and plan
  • Execute the strategy
  • Remember what caused the problem

Staff Writer

the six knows to get the yes
The Six “Knows” to get the “Yes”
  • Preparation—gather information
  • Prospecting—identify organizations
  • Prospect—understand differences
  • Product—interpret how your products/services benefit your prospects, then communicate value to them
  • Process—implement prospect-centered process
    • TRUST—Think, Relate, Uncover the needs, Sell the solution, Take action and close
  • Person—possessing the confidence in yourself

Bryan Flanagan

how may i help you
How May I Help You?
  • Customer is always right
    • Understand your customer
    • Value your customer
  • Service with a smile
    • Positive attitude
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
    • Foresee the needs of a customer before they complain

Staff Writer

let s make a deal
Let’s Make a Deal
  • Be prepared
    • Preparation, planning, and practice
  • Know your bottom line
    • Determine what you want before coming to the table
  • Know your audience
  • Set your goals high enough
  • Listen and acknowledge
  • Avoid emotions—stay neutral
  • Be prepared to walk away
  • Negotiate in good faith
  • Be patient

Staff Writer

turn problem people into profitable relationships
Turn Problem People into Profitable Relationships
  • Start by acknowledging the other person’s situation
  • Stay calm and continue to listen
  • Be compassionate
  • Help resolve the problem
  • Give in to minor points
  • List the possible solutions and their alternatives
  • Thank them

Staff Writer

six core principles for optimal health
Six Core Principles for Optimal Health
  • Drink six to eight glasses of clean water daily
  • Get back to basics and rediscover delicious whole foods
  • Add movement to your life
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Get acquainted with natural healing remedies
  • Get on the prescription alternatives vitamin and mineral plan

Dr. Earl Mindell

how to raise successful confident kids
How to Raise Successful, Confident Kids
  • Communication
  • Discipline
  • Self-Esteem
  • Empathy
    • Ability to identify with and feel for other people’s concern for determining right and wrong
  • Unconditional love

Staff Writer

  • Slides were created from Get Motivated seminar notes and workbook.
  • Thanks to all presenters at the Get Motivated seminar.
  • Special thanks to Peter Lowe and his entire staff for the inspirations, thoughts, and advice.