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Elements of a Successful Breastfeeding Program San Marcos, California 760-752-4324. NCHS WIC Agency Profile. 5 permanent sites and 3 satellite clinics throughout Northern San Diego County. 35 Full and Part Time Staff. Participation: 10,654 (2/08)

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Elements of a Successful Breastfeeding


San Marcos, California


Nchs wic agency profile
NCHS WIC Agency Profile

  • 5 permanent sites and 3 satellite clinics throughout Northern San Diego County.

  • 35 Full and Part Time Staff.

  • Participation: 10,654 (2/08)

    • English 41.5%, Spanish 57.8% and <1% other Languages.

  • Number of Infants: 2358 (2/08)

  • 1 Part-time IBCLC

  • 10 CLE’s and 6 more in training

Staff training pump loan and other elements
Staff Training, Pump Loan and Other Elements

  • Extensive Staff Training

    • Yearly in-house trainings for all other staff.

    • Thorough training for new staff.

    • Brought CLE training to our agency.

  • Breast Pump Loan Program

    • Over 200 electric breast Pumps to lend.

  • Breastfeeding Friendly Environment

  • Referral Systems

    • WIC staff can refer complex BF problems to the CLE or IBCLC.

    • NCHS providers refer BF problems back to WIC.

  • Breastfeeding promotion is everyone’s job!

Comprehensive participant education and support
Comprehensive Participant Education and Support

  • Two prenatal breastfeeding classes.

    • A “Why To BF” and a “How To BF”.

  • All prenatal ppts. are made aware of our “No formula in the first month” policy.

  • Early post-partum BF support phone calls to ALL new mothers.

  • Breastfeeding Warm-Line for ppts to call with questions.

  • Breastfeeding support groups.

No formula in the first month
No Formula in the First Month

  • Set a date 9 months in advance to start policy.

  • Begin with extensive staff training, so all are comfortable discussing and supporting breastfeeding.

  • Start telling all pregnant women at enrollments, trimester checks and classes that WIC doesn’t routinely give formula to breastfed babies less than one month old.

  • Enroll baby then recertify post partum mother the following month, so they receive two contacts of BF support.

  • If they want to combo feed, tell them they can after exclusively breastfeeding for the first month.

  • We find after they get through the first month, they often don’t need the formula in the second month.

  • Formula is only given in extenuating circumstances with supervisor approval.

Early postpartum phone call study
Early Postpartum Phone Call Study

  • Hypothesis: WIC mothers who received an early postpartum phone call to offer BF support will be more likely to exclusively breastfeed and breastfeed for a longer period of time than a control group.

  • Babies born to NCHS WIC from 10/03 and 11/03 were in study and FI’s were followed for a year.

  • Half received phone calls (intervention) and half did not (control).

We made a difference
We Made a Difference!

Statistically Significant at .05

Why it worked
Why it Worked

Connected with Mothers at their time of need

  • The calls were beyond the normal WIC “clinic” services

  • They were reached at a “vulnerable” time in breastfeeding.

    Mothers had 100% of our attention,

  • Staff were given time to make call, build rapport with women.

  • The intervention was individual and personal.

    Well-trained staff

  • Open ended & closed questions were asked that allowed us to educate, guide and reassure.

  • WIC is a trusted resource.


  • Early phone intervention helped the group of mothers have a better breastfeeding experience, and prevented them from quittingprematurely.

  • Using early postpartum phone intervention calls, we increased breastfeeding exclusivity and duration.

  • Early postpartum phone intervention fits within the “scope of WIC services”.

  • The calls could be easily replicated in other settings.

NCHS WIC Program