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PEIMS Submission 4

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PEIMS Submission 4. Extended Year PEIMS Information By Candy Haymes & Karen Perry. Click to advance Press ESC at any time to exit. AKA…Extended Year Submission. Who needs to submit? What needs to be submitted? When should I submit? How do I submit? Why should I submit?.

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peims submission 4

PEIMS Submission 4

Extended Year PEIMS Information

By Candy Haymes & Karen Perry

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Press ESC at any time to exit

aka extended year submission
AKA…Extended Year Submission
  • Who needs to submit?
  • What needs to be submitted?
  • When should I submit?
  • How do I submit?
  • Why should I submit?

Remember to click to advance…

oeyp background
OEYP Background
  • Under Texas Education Code Section 29.082, school districts may apply to TEA for funding of an extended year program for a period not to exceed 30 instructional days to provide academic enrichment for students in K-11 who are unlikely to be promoted to the next grade, or students in Grade 12 who are unlikely to graduate.
who needs to submit
Who needs to submit?
  • Districts that have served students in:
    • Optional Extended Year Program (OEYP)
      • Students likely not to be promoted

See bullet 8 in DS on 407 record

      • Students that have failed a specific course (retake)
    • Extended School Year (ESY)
      • Special Education Students

(ARD recommended)

    • Bilingual/ESL Summer School
records to submit
Records to Submit
  • 010 – District
  • 020 – Campus
  • 100 – Basic Student Information
  • 101 – Demographic Student Info
  • 105 – Student ID Number Change
  • 407 – Optional Extended year Program
  • 408 – Extended School Year

010 Record- 6 digit County District Number

Related Element Tables

Required Elements

Related Code Table


020 Record – 3 digit Campus(es) Number

  • 100 Record– Basic Student Info
    • District ID
    • Student ID
    • First, Middle, Last Names – see birth certificate
    • Generation (optional)
    • Crisis Code (if determined by state)
101 record student demographics
101 Record–Student Demographics
  • District ID
  • Student ID
  • Sex
  • Ethnicity
  • Date of Birth
  • Career and Technical – n/a
  • Campus ID of Residence
101 record continued
101 Record continued…
  • Last Date of enrollment-n/a
  • Demo Revision – only if making changes in student info
  • Student Attribution Code – Table 161
  • As of Status
  • Grade Level
  • Migrant
  • Campus ID of Enrollment
  • Campus ID of Accountability
101 record continued1
101 Record continued…
  • Bil/ESL Summer School
      • Indicate only if served according
        • TEC 29.060
        • TAC 89.125
      • Not Regular Summer School
      • LEP Students eligible for K or 1st grade in the coming year

101 Record – Student DemographicsSample

Section 3 of Data Standards

Section 4 of Data Standards


105 Record – Student ID Number Change

  • Submitted only if changing a student’s ID number (do not use Demo Revision)
  • District ID
  • Student ID
  • Prior Student ID

407 Record– OEYP

    • District ID
    • Student ID
    • Campus ID of Enrollment
      • during regular school year or
      • last campus enrolled
    • Grade Level
407 record continued
407 Record continued…
  • 3 Types of OEYP –

See code table C168 in DS

1.Extended Day

      • 45 minutes or more after or before regular school day
      • Tutorials during the school day do not qualify
407 record continued1
407 Record continued…
  • Types of OEYP –

See code table C168 in DS

2. Extended Week

      • Saturdays or other non regular school days within the school year

3. Extended Year

      • Summer or intercession

407 Record continued…

  • Number of Days taught-
    • 30 day maximum
  • Total Days Absent

407 Record cont…

  • Total Eligible Days Present
    • Extended Day –
      • Aggregate times 45 minutes or greater
      • Divide aggregated minutes by 60 to = hours
      • 4 hours = 1 day
      • Report days in whole numbers – NOTE: Round down if not even

407 Record cont…

  • Total Eligible Days Present
    • Extended Week –
      • 4 hour or more a day = 1 day
      • 2 to less than 4 hours a day = ½ day
      • Less than 2 hours may not be counted
      • More than 4 hours a day sessions may NOT be aggregated

407 Record cont…

  • Total Eligible Days Present
    • Extended Year –
      • 4 hour or more a day = 1 day
      • 2 to less than 4 hours a day = ½ day
      • Less than 2 hours may NOT be counted
      • More than 4 hours a day sessions may NOT be aggregated

407 Record cont…

    • Local Student Id
    • OEYP Promotion Retention Code

407 Record

  • Funding for OEYP is dependent on PEIMS Submission 4 data
  • Reporting fewer students than grant application may cause district to give money back to the state
  • OEYP Information:
407 record bullet examples
407 Record Bullet examples
  • Number of Days taught must be less than or equal to 30 and can be different for every student.
  • A district’s OEYP funding is based on 10% of the district’s at-risk population in grades K-12, as reported in PEIMS.

408 Record – ESY

  • Special Education Students as determined by ARD
  • Mainstream not eligible for funding, but district may serve student w/o funding
  • District ID
  • Student ID
  • Campus ID of Enrollment
  • Grade
408 record esy
408 Record– ESY
  • Instruction Setting –

00 for Speech

  • Total ESY Contact Hours
    • Report in 30 min. increments
    • Less than 30 min are not reported
408 record bullet samples
408 Record Bullet Samples
  • Each ESY student must be recommended for the service by the ARD committee.
  • Mainstream is ineligible for ESY state funding, but they may still be served.
summary review what needs to be submitted
Summary/Review … What needs to be submitted?
  • OEYP Data
  • ESY Data
  • Bil/ESL Summer School Data
when do i submit
When do I submit?
  • After OEPY & ESY service is complete
  • EDIT+ is already open for sending files
  • ESC can start accepting files -Aug 10th
  • Manual PIDS due to ESC – Aug 19th
  • Files due to ESC – Sept 2rd
  • Resubmissionfile due to ESC –Sept 30th
how do i submit
How do I submit?
  • Use EDIT+

The Process

    • Extract data from software
    • Log in to EDIT+ in correct collection

(NOTE: must have a TEASE ID)

    • Send data through EDIT+
    • Check PIDs, Edits, & Reports
    • Make adjustments/corrections as needed-in software
    • Send corrected data through EDIT+
    • Repeat steps 4-6 as needed
how do i submit cont
How do I submit? (cont.)
  • Use EDIT+

6. Click “Complete” when data is correct.

    • ESC will review/compare data to prior years
    • ESC will notify district to get “SAF”

9. District does Superintendent Approval Form (SAF)

10. ESC will “Accept” file

11. District determines if resubmission is needed.

edit reports
EDIT+ Reports

Report Explanations


This report shows a roster of all students who participated in the Bilingual/ESL Summer School program, as indicated by the BILINGUAL/ESL-SUMMER-SCHOOL-INDICATOR-CODE is set to \'1\' on the 101 record.


407 Context Edits

Data Standards

Section 5

oeyp reports in edit
OEYP Reports in EDIT+
  • PRFED001

OEYP Detail Report by Program Type

oeyp reports in edit1
OEYP Reports in EDIT+
  • PRFED004

OEYP Program Summary by Program Type

oeyp reports in edit2
OEYP Reports in EDIT+
  • PRFED007

OEYP Promotions/ Retentions by Grade


408 Context Edits-

Data Standards

Section 5


ESY Reports in EDIT+

  • PRFED003

ESY Services by Instructional Setting


ESY Reports in EDIT+

  • PRFED005

ESY Services Summary by Instructional Setting

why submit extended year
Why submit Extended Year?
  • Extended year data is used to:

Calculate ESY funding

Calculate BIL/ESL summer school funding

      • Teaching Units= # of students/18 and round up

Monitor special programs

Perform desk audits

why to submit cont
WHY to submit (cont.)
  • OEYP funding
    • Local education agencies (LEAs) will be eligible for funding if at least 40 percent of their students in K-12 are reported as economically disadvantaged
why to submit
WHY to submit
  • OEYP funding
    • See TEA OEYP site below for more information:
      • Allocations
      • Critical Dates
      • List of Ineligible Districts
      • Join List Serve
      • Background
why to submit1
WHY to submit
  • OEYP Funding
  • TEA site for eGrants Information
oeyp allocations update
OEYP Allocations Update
  • 10% of the LEA’s at-risk in K-12 as reported to PEIMS will be used for determining the maximum entitlement
  • A per-pupil amount will be determined by dividing the total 10 % at-risk population K-12 of the eligible LEAs into the total funding allocation for the OEYP
oeyp allocations update1
OEYP Allocations Update
  • OEYP funds not requested by school districts will be reallocated to LEAs with 50 % or more economically disadvantaged students in K-12.
oeyp reallocations
OEYP Reallocations
  • For reallocation, a new per-pupil amount will be determined by dividing the total 10 % at-risk K-12 population of participating LEAs with 50% or more economically disadvantaged students into the amount of funds to be reallocated.
  • The amount of reallocated funds divided by the per-pupil amount used for figuring the LEA’s original tentative entitlement will determine the number of additional students above the LEA’s original 10% at-risk population that must be served due to reallocated funds.
2010 11
  • No OEYP funding
wrap up for extended year peims
Wrap up for Extended Year PEIMS
  • Follow the link below to complete the online evaluation!
  • Evaluation link
  • Thank you!