Age of imperialism
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Age of Imperialism. What was it?. Between 1850-1914. Western powers carved up the rest of the world. European Motives Nationalism Economic Competition Racism ( Social Darwinism ) Missionary Impulse. What made it possible?. Industrial technology Maxim Gun Steamships & Rail

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Age of Imperialism

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Age of imperialism

Age of Imperialism

What was it

What was it?

  • Between 1850-1914. Western powers carved up the rest of the world.

  • European Motives

    • Nationalism

    • Economic Competition

    • Racism (Social Darwinism)

    • Missionary Impulse

What made it possible

What made it possible?

  • Industrial technology

    • Maxim Gun

    • Steamships & Rail

    • Quinine for malaria

  • Internal Forces

    • Existing ethnic divisions allowed Westerners to “divide & conquer” less advanced peoples

Forms of imperialism

Forms of Imperialism

Methods of management

Methods of Management

The scramble for africa

The Scramble for Africa

  • Dr. David Livingstone’s journeys in the Congo (1860s) piqued European interest in African resources.

  • By 1870s, European powers began claiming African soil.

Berlin conference 1884 85

Berlin Conference 1884-85

  • Meeting of 14 European powers to divide Africa.

  • No African representatives

  • Was done with no thought to Africa’s ethnic or linguistic divisions

Age of imperialism


Age of imperialism

Africa by 1914

Congolese genocide

Congolese Genocide

Herero genocide

Herero Genocide

3 groups clash over south africa

3 Groups clash over South Africa

  • Dutch Farmers (Boers) had been in Cape town since the 1650s

  • Early 1800s, Zulu expansion under Shaka led to clashes with Boers.

  • Throughout the 1800s, the British began pushing into Boer & Zulu regions for its Diamonds & Gold

Shaka zulu

Shaka Zulu

Age of imperialism

Battle of Isandlwana

The anglo boer war 1899 1902

The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902

  • British politician & diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes instigated war with Boers to gain Diamond fields

  • Bloody conflict: British burned Boer farms & forced their families into concentration camps

Results of the war

Results of the War

  • 28,000Boer women & children killed; 8,000 Boer soldiers; countless Africans

  • 22,000 British killed

  • Britain gained control of South Africa

African resistance 1881 1920

African Resistance 1881 -1920

Age of imperialism

  • Resistance could be long & costly, but superior fire-arms gave Europeans the upper-hand

  • Only Ethiopia under Menelik II was able to fight off Europeans

    • They defeated Italy at Battle of Adowa 1896

Impact of colonial rule in africa

Europeans did bring




Economic development

Mostly for their benefit though

Africa today is rife with…


Ethnic strife

Civil war



Due to legacy of Imperialism

Impact of Colonial Rule in Africa

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