The age of imperialism
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The Age of Imperialism PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Age of Imperialism. Alex Burns, Madison Pelletier. What Happened?. European Nations wanted to control lands that had natural resources and create overseas empires, as a result of this they began to seize lands in Africa

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The Age of Imperialism

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The Age of Imperialism

Alex Burns, Madison Pelletier

What Happened?

  • European Nations wanted to control lands that had natural resources and create overseas empires, as a result of this they began to seize lands in Africa

  • technology including steam boats, railroads, telegraphs, and machine guns helped them to take control of these African countries

  • Racism also played a role in the age of imperialism because Europeans thought that they were better than Africans

  • Christian missionaries also supported the idea of imperialism

Where Did it Happen?

  • The European Nations wanted control over Africa where their was raw materials such as gold and diamonds which they could use for trade

  • they also used the land to create plantations

  • they wanted to open up markets for the food they made.

When Did it Happen?

  • Between the years of 1850 and 1914 was referred to as the Age of Imperialism

  • Most of Africa was conquered by 1900, except for Liberia and Ethiopia.

  • Between 1810 and 1825, All of South America gained freedom from the control of European imperialists.

Who did it Involve?

The Age of Imperialism effected more than just Africa, it went as far as: Asia, South America, and Australasia (New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia, ECT.)

How did it Effect the World?

  • Imperialism effected the world because it changed power relationships around the globe.

  • Africans did benefit from colonial rule, Europeans put an end to ethnic conflict, they brought African economies into the world they built markets and built railroads, dams, and telephones and telegraph lines for them

  • But imperialism mostly caused damage, the traditional African society was destroyed their entire life style was upset due to imperialism, they were forced out of their homes and made to work under poor conditions for little to no pay

  • The boundaries that they created cause problems with ethnic divisions

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