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Rome. By: Makayla , Luke , and Barret. Language. The Romans spoke different languages. Here are some of their languages……. Romanian Italian French Spanish Portuguese. Common Values. They valued their coins because everyone accepted them. . Government and Political Philosophy.

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By: Makayla, Luke, and Barret

  • The Romans spoke different languages.
  • Here are some of their languages…….
  • Romanian
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
common values
Common Values
  • They valued their coins because everyone accepted them.
government and political philosophy
Government and Political Philosophy
  • Government: It was important to them to record their laws.
  • Political: They were focused on improving peoples lives.
  • The Romans painted a lot of mosaics, paintings, and statues.
  • Mosaics and paintings were used to decorate buildings.
  • Most of their paintings done were called frescos.
  • Frescos are paintings done on plaster.
  • You also would see paintings on buildings.
  • Rome was known for their literature.
  • They were famous for all their authors.
  • They also did Histories, Speeches, and Dramas.
  • The Romanians used a lot of columns to make their buildings to look impressive.
  • They made their roads out of different materials.
  • They also copied the Greeks and covered their buildings with marble.
  • The Romans inspired a system called the Civil Law.
  • Civil Law~ a legal system based on a written code of laws.
  • Later on Africa, Asia, and America developed the law codes.
  • They believed that all citizen should be treated equally.
  • They believed in Jesus, but they did not believe that Jesus was the son of God.
gender roles
Gender Roles
  • Men were treated differently then the women, in both cultures. Women were more or less the keepers of the house and to tend to the slaves and make sure everything ran smoothly; whereas the men worked and tended their people that they ruled over. The men in Greece and Rome had more freedom then the women of that time, meaning they could come and go as they please; whereas the women were kept sheltered.