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Tribes. Reservations. Make The Sign. Food Water Shelter. Transportation Money Communication. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 30 pt. 30 pt. 30 pt. 30 pt. 30 pt. 40 pt. 40 pt. 40 pt. 40 pt. 40 pt. 50 pt. 50 pt. 50 pt. 50 pt.

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The Sign







10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

30 pt

30 pt

30 pt


30 pt

40 pt

40 pt

40 pt

40 pt

40 pt

50 pt

50 pt

50 pt

50 pt


The number of Indian tribes in Montana

What is twelve?

The three bands of the Crow

What are the River Crow, the Mountain Crow, and the Kick in the Belly Band?

The two tribes of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation

Who are the Chippewa and Cree?

Name the three tribes that live on the Flathead Reservation

Who are the Kootenai, Salish, and Pend d’Oreille?

This tribe is made up of what three bands, two of which are in Canada

Who are the Blackfeet made up of the Blood, Blackfoot, and the Piegan or Pikuni?

The number of Indian reservations in Montana

What is seven?

The two reservations that touch

What are the Crow and Northern Cheyenne?

This tribe has no reservation

Who are the Little Shell Band of the Chippewa?

Two bands of the Assiniboine live on which two reservations

What are the Fort Belknap and Fort Peck Reservations?

The Nakoda (Assiniboine), Dakota, and Lakota divisions of the Sioux tribe live on which reservation

What is the Fort Peck Reservation?

The sign for the Cree

What is the rabbit men?

The sign for the Gros Ventre?

What represents the falls or the falls people?

The sign for the Sioux

What is the necklace people?

The sign for the Kootenai

What is the white-tailed deer?

The three signs for the Blackfeet

What are the Blood – wiping off a bloody nose, the Blackfoot – black moccasins, and the Piegan or Pikuni – rubbing cheek with rawhide?

This liquid is extremely powerful and related to every living thing

What is water?

These fuels were used to keep the campfires burning

What are dry wood or buffalo chips?

The traditional Indian lodge or tepee was made of

What are buffalo hides?

Method of gathering berries so the bush would be there next year

What is to lay a tarp under the bush and hit it with a stick so the berries fell off?

Name the animals used for food

What are the buffalo, elk, deer, fish, and game birds?

The methods used for transportation before horses

What were canoes on the rivers, using dogs to carry supplies, and walking?

The introduction of the horse enabled people to

What was hunt the buffalo or visit other tribes of people?

Before money people would do this

What is trade or share with others to survive?

Important events that happened in a tribe were passed along by

Who were the storytellers?

In the story of the Buffalo Runner, the spirit of the old wolf comes to the man to make him

What is a great buffalo hunter, with several buffalo runners, and a healer of sick people?

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