B isdn and atm
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B-ISDN and ATM ( 보충 ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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B-ISDN and ATM ( 보충 ). 발표자 : 박종민 [email protected] Reference Site. http://myhome.netsgo.com/hl3qvh/ho/ppt/q2931 http://home.yeojoo.ac.kr/~dwhyun/atm. Characteristics of ATM. Uses small, fixed-sized cell Connection oriented Bandwidth allocation on demand

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B isdn and atm

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

발표자 : 박종민

[email protected]

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Reference site
Reference Site

  • http://myhome.netsgo.com/hl3qvh/ho/ppt/q2931

  • http://home.yeojoo.ac.kr/~dwhyun/atm

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Characteristics of atm
Characteristics of ATM

  • Uses small, fixed-sized cell

  • Connection oriented

  • Bandwidth allocation on demand

  • Supports multiple service types

  • Applicable to LAN and WAN

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Atm signaling
ATM Signaling

  • UNI : User to Network Interface

  • NNI : Network to Network Interface

  • Different protocol in the different domain

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Virtual path virtual channel
Virtual Path / Virtual Channel

  • Connection Identifier : VPI/VCI

  • Physical Link : Contains multiple VPs

  • Virtual Path : Contains multiple VCs

  • Virtual Channel : Logical path between ATM endpoint

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Vp and vc switching
VP and VC Switching

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Atm cell header
ATM Cell Header

  • PTI Payload Type Identifier(3 Bits)

    • - 1 bit : User/Control Data. - 2 bit : Congestion flag.- 3 bit : Last Cell flag

  • CLP Cell Loss Priority Bit

  • HEC Header Error Check(8 Bits)

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Permanent virtual circuit
Permanent Virtual Circuit

  • Manual updates of VPI/VCI tables in network equipment

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Switched virtual curcuit
Switched Virtual Curcuit

  • Setup connection using UNI/NNI signaling

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Atm reference model
ATM Reference Model


Signaling ATM Adaptation Layer

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Atm service criteria
ATM Service Criteria

  • Traffic parameters

    • Peak Cell Rate(PCR), Sustainable Cell Rate(SCR)

    • Maximum Burst Size(MBS), Minimum Cell Rate(MCR)

  • Quality of Service

    • Maximum Cell Transfer Delay(MCTD)

    • Cell Delay Variation Tolerance(CDVT)

    • Cell Loss Ratio(CLR)

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Atm service categories
ATM Service Categories

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Traffic management i
Traffic Management - I

  • CAC(Connection Admission Control)

  • Determine whether a connection can be progressed or not

    - satisfy the traffic contract of the connection- not disturb traffic contracts of the other connections

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Traffic management ii
Traffic Management - II

  • UPC(Usage Parameter Control)

  • Protect network resources from malicious as well as unintentional misbehavior- based on traffic contract of the connection- action : cell discard, cell tagging

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Traffic management iii
Traffic Management - III

  • CLP(Cell Loss Priority) Control

  • In Congestion state- EFCI(Explicit Forward Congestion Control)

    - CLP(Cell Loss Priority)

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Traffic management iv
Traffic Management – IV

  • CAC / Connection Management

  • UPC (Policing)

  • CLP / EFCI control

  • Frame Discard

  • Traffic Shaping

  • ABR Congestion Feedback

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Atm signaling protocol
ATM Signaling Protocol

  • Point-to-Point ATM Connection(Q.2931)

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Reserved vpi vci
Reserved VPI/VCI



B-ISDN and ATM (보충)

Message structure
Message Structure

B-ISDN and ATM (보충)