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Reducing Childhood Obesity: Work Towards the LAA Target in Walsall

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Reducing Childhood Obesity: Work Towards the LAA Target in Walsall - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reducing Childhood Obesity: Work Towards the LAA Target in Walsall. Obesity Prevalence in Walsall. Reducing Y6 obesity is a partnership priority and a target in all of the following: Local Area Agreement Children and Young People’s scorecard Vital Signs World Class Commissioning

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obesity prevalence in walsall
Obesity Prevalence in Walsall
  • Reducing Y6 obesity is a partnership priority and a target in all of the following:
  • Local Area Agreement
  • Children and Young People’s scorecard
  • Vital Signs
  • World Class Commissioning
  • ….and identified as a JSNA priority area

Obesity in Reception Children

  • NHS Walsall has lower YR obesity levels than the national and regional average
  • Focus clearly needs to be on school age children
  • Development of services for 4-7 year olds in 2009 and targeted work for prevention and treatment in Y4 aged children

NCMP Participation Data 2008/09

  • Overall participation rate highest in WM
  • Increased participation year on year since 2006/07
  • Halved opt out and absence rates from 296 children (07/08) to 142 children (08/09)
  • NCMP IC modelling explains that a 10% increase in participation results in a 0.6% increase in prevalence in Y6 aged children.

Year 4 Proactive Calls

  • Uniquely Walsall now measure and feedback to Year 10 and Year 4 children
  • Pilot January – February 2010
      • 25% of parents contacted did request further support from a service
      • 33% of these are now attending a weight management service
  • Proactive phone calls to Y4 children identified as being overweight or obese from April 2010

Actual vs. Predicted Performance on Vital Signs Obesity Targets. Positive numbers denote a performance that is ‘better than predicted’.


Prevention and Universal

Healthy Start Vouchers for fruit and vegetables

Health awareness sessions for Y4 children in schools delivered by Walsall FCCP, Walsall Council and WM Fire Service

Physical Activity Team: CAP specific Physical Activity Advisors, Family Fit sessions, Active Clubs training.

Walsall Active Youth: : Specialised sessions and programmes e.g. Skillz4Sport, Community Lifestyles, etc

Partnership work to promote Active Travel to school and use of Greenspaces

National Campaign

Proposed Childhood (Age 0 to 16 years) Overweight and Obesity Care Pathway

Change4Life Advisor Service

Based on national campaign. Over 80% mothers recognise the brand.

Supports families before and after more intensive weight management programmes to ensure behaviour changes are long term.

Advisor works one to one with families.

Assess readiness to change, monitor height and weight of the whole family, signposting, follow up.

Targeted work to reduce health inequalities.

1:1 Support: dietician, endocrinologist, paediatrician, PA specialist, drugs, surgery*

Level 3: Multidisciplinary Approach

Level 2: First Line Weight Management for children age 0 to 16 years

Overweight and obese children in Bentley aged 4-7 years.

Maternal and EY Pilot:Focus: food, activity, breastfeeding, weaning family wellbeing. Minimise weight gain during pregnancy. Mothers and children aged 0-2 years.

8-16 Treatment Service

Overweight and obese treatment service for children aged 8-16 years.

Early Years Intervention: children at risk of being overweight and obese. Aged 2-4 years.

Make it CountPrevention and treatment programme for 4-7 years.

Level 1: Identification

Calculate age-sex specific percentile in children aged 2 –15 years

Child > 91st = overweight Child > 98th = obese

Sources of referral/identification: School Health, NCMP Letter and Self Referral, GP, Secondary Care, Young Persons Health Advisor, Midwife, Health Visitor, Practice Nurse, Adult Weight Management Services, Children\'s Centre Staff


NHS Walsall and Walsall Council

  • Established weight management programme for children aged 8-16 years
  • First programme in Walsall 2006
  • Previously funded through Active England Bid
  • From 2010/11 joint funded75/25 split between NHS Walsall and the Local Authority
  • Improved recruitment methods e.g. and local media
  • Referrals from NCMP

NHS Walsall and Lifestyle Services

  • Obesity treatment and prevention programme for children aged 4-7 years
  • Pilot – April 2009
  • Referrals from NCMP – Reception age
  • 2010/11 over 250 children to access programme

NHS Walsall and Walsall Council

Active and Sustainable Transport and Road Safety Project

  • Importance of regular physical activity gained through active travel to school
  • Deprivation, Yr 6 obesity and school travel data
  • 12 schools – Y3, Y4 and Y5 target year groups
  • 1700 children
  • Sept 2009 to Sept 2011
  • Outcomes above and beyond current targets around increasing active travel e.g.
  • 1.5% increase in active travel in these schools from 2008 census data

NHS Walsall and Walsall Council

Green spaces

  • Year 6 obesity data informing site consideration for the ‘Playbuilder’ Project
  • Park Ranger Service being redesigned as of June 2010
    • Community and School engagement
    • Organising events
    • Link with Healthy Schools Enhancement Model
  • Community Gardens
    • Involve schools and young people
    • Local food production

Change4Life School Programmes

  • Schools based ‘Change4Life’ programme
  • SHAPE pilot April 2009
  • WM Fire Service and SLDS, Walsall Council
  • 2010/11 = over 800 Year 4 children
  • Targeting schools with high obesity prevalence and high BME populations
  • Links with 5 hour offer and Healthy Schools Enhanced Model

Saddlers Health Awareness Promoting Exercise


Strategy and Action Plan

  • 2010, Refresh Year 6 Obesity Target Action Plan (TAP) with partners to ensure whole systems approach
  • 2010, Refresh Walsall Healthy Weight Strategy and Action Plan
  • Workshop to consult a range of partners
  • NST Visit 2008:
  • Partnership working in Walsall was identified as a particular strength by the NST in 2008:
  • ‘Multi-agency obesity partnership in place with strategic and operational arrangements’