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Special Education Specialist Credential Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Special Education Specialist Credential Programs. Orientation Spring 2011 Monday, January 24th 10:30 am. Welcome!. Dr. Melinda Pierson, Chair Department of Special Education Dr. Claire Cavallaro, Dean College of Education Dr. Karen Ivers, Associate Dean College of Education

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Special Education Specialist Credential Programs

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Special Education Specialist Credential Programs

Orientation Spring 2011

Monday, January 24th 10:30 am


  • Dr. Melinda Pierson, Chair Department of Special Education

  • Dr. Claire Cavallaro, Dean College of Education

  • Dr. Karen Ivers, Associate Dean College of Education

  • Aimee Nelson, Assistant Dean College of Education

Student Resources

Aimee Nelson,

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

  • anelson@fullerton.edu

  • 657-278-4161

  • College Park 500


  • Introduce the Program Coordinators

  • Learn how to submit a Course Equivalency Petition

  • Review Program Requirements

  • Be aware of your Credential Program Plan

  • Learn how to submit your Student Fieldwork Profile

  • Note Spring 2011 Registration dates

  • Understand Intern Program features and requirements

  • Review Credential Program policies


Coordinators and Advisors

Admissions Coordinator:

Dr. Judy Smith jusmith@fullerton.edu

  • Intern Program Director:

    • Dr. Melinda Pierson mpierson@fullerton.edu

On Track Scholars Program Coordinator:

Dr. Belinda Karge


  • Fieldwork Coordinator:

    • Dr. Suzanne Robinson srobinson@fullerton.edu


Program Coordinators

Mild/Moderate Coordinator:

Dr. Barbara Glaeserbglaeser@fullerton.edu

  • Moderate/Severe Coordinator:

Dr. Suzanne Robinson srobinson@fullerton.edu

Early Childhood Special Education and I:DREEAM Coordinator:

Dr. Janice Myck-Wayne jmyck-wayne@fullerton.edu

Council for Exceptional Children Student Chapter

Dr. Debra Cote, Faculty Advisor


-Reduced membership price

-Access to strong educational journals, conferences, and information

Your Credential Program File


The Credential Program File

  • Starts as an application to the Education Specialist Credential Program

  • Becomes the Credential Program candidate file as the candidates moves through Preliminary, Clear, and even MSE program completion!

  • Used by Credential Program Center in making credential recommendations.


    • Candidates should make copies before they submit materials!

    • We do not provide copies from files.


Are We Missing Critical Documents or Information?

  • You will not be able to start Semester One unless

    • Your file is complete with all required paperwork

    • You have completed your Certificate of Clearance

    • You have submitted your Student Fieldwork Profile

    • You have completed all prerequisite coursework

    • You have passed all required tests




Residency Requirement

  • 75% of all prerequisite and credential coursework must be completed at Cal State University Fullerton.

  • Equivalency petitions should be filed at the admissions stage. Once admitted, candidates are expected to complete all remaining coursework at Cal State Fullerton.

    • Typically, equivalency will be granted only for prerequisite courses

    • The SPED Equivalency Petition may be found at http://ed.fullerton.edu/sped/coursequivpet.htm

    • Equivalency Petitions are submitted to the Chair of Special Education. Only the Chair of Special Education may approve equivalency petitions.


Student Fieldwork Profile

  • This document is your ticket to student teaching!


  • Submit by the due date!

Click on the image to go to the Website.


Program Plans

  • Identify coursework for:

    • Prerequisite courses

    • All semesters of the program

    • Preliminary and Intern coursework

  • Are found on the SPED Website at Credential Program Plans

There are no exceptions to following your program plan!


Education Specialist Credential Program

  • Prerequisites

    • SPED 322, 371, 425

  • Intern Preservice Classes (only for those who have a contracted teaching position)

    • SPED 400/463/464, 421

Spring 2011 Registration

Registration Tips

  • Students must have completed all required courses to advance to next level/semester of coursework

  • Students will not be allowed to enroll in classes if they have not met prerequisites

  • Permits will require documentation of having met prerequisites

Click on the image to go to the Website.


Fall Registration Dates

  • Last day to register without $25 fee – January 21

  • Last day to withdraw for a serious and compelling reason – April 22

  • Registration helpline

    • 657-278-7601



Purpose of Intern Program

  • To allow teachers in high-need subject areas to begin teaching

    • Right away

    • While earning a credential

    • With extensive support


Intern Support Faculty and Staff

Intern Program Director

Dr. Melinda Pierson, mpierson@fullerton.edu

Intern Program Coordinators

Dr. Barbara Glaeser, Mild/Moderate

Dr. Suzanne Robinson, Moderate/Severe

Dr. Janice Myck-Wayne, Early Childhood

Dr. Suzanne Robinson, Fieldwork

Intern Support Staff

Ms. Luz Zapata: lzapata@fullerton.edu


Intern Supports

  • In-class visits and support

  • Paid release days

  • Professional development meetings

  • Support materials


For a candidate to be eligible for an internship, all requirements on the Intern Readiness Form must be fully completed.

Signatures are required from:

Admissions Assistant

Program Coordinator

Intern Director

You must also have a job offer (with start date) from a district with which we have a MOU.

Intern Program Requirements

Click on the image to see the complete form.



Inclusion: Developmentally Responsive to Educational Experiences that are Accessible

JUNE 15 Application Deadline for Fall 2011-2012




  • Federally funded grant that provides:

    • Financial support (up to $9000 over 3 semesters)

    • Mentorship to students completing their preliminary credential in ECSE

  • The program supports:

    • Tuition

    • Books

    • Membership dues

    • Seminars

    • Professional Development Activities

    • Mentorship

    • Cohort Training Experience


  • Passed CBEST

  • Newly-admitted to CSUF’s ECSE Credential Program

  • GPA 2.89 or higher/Maintain 3.0 in program

  • Full-time student/Part-time (9 units)

  • Monthly seminars

  • Fulfill federal requirements

    • Citizen/national of the US or a legal permanent resident in US or any of the US territories

    • Commitment and obligations to Federal Office of Education

    • Service Obligation Requirement


Project Director

Janice Myck-Wayne, Ed.D

jmyck-wayne@fullerton.eduPhone 657.278.4706

Administrative Assistant

Luz Zapata


Phone 657.278.7437


I:DREEAM Faculty

Suzanne Robinson, Ph.D., BCBA


Kristin Stang, Ph.D.


Rosario Ordoñez-Jasis, Ph.D.


Master’s Degree

  • Dr. Woo Jung, Graduate Advisor (ajung@fullerton.edu)

    • Admissions Information

      • Three letters of recommendation (three letters from teaching faculty - confidential) (SPED)

      • Written and oral interviews (SPED)

      • Application form (SPED)

      • Official Transcript (SPED)

      • Change of objective (admissions & records)

Master’s Degree

  • Coursework Requirements

    • SPED 501 (prereq): offered summer and intersession after you’re admitted

    • Study Plan

    • Only 9 units postbacc. classes (500 level) are counted

Important Policies


CPC Policy 1

In order to continue to participate in the Credential Program, you must:

  • Behave in an honest and forthright manner.

  • Follow standard scholarly practice in giving credit to sources used in assignments.

  • Follow directions of University instructors, supervisors, and Master Teachers/Mentors.

  • Behave in a manner expected of professional educators.

  • Cooperate and collaborate with fellow candidates on projects and assignments.

  • Maintain successful academic progress by passing all classes and maintaining at least a 2.75 grade point average.

    • No classes for which grades of D or F were assigned will be used to meet credential requirements.

    • In credit/no credit classes "B" level work is required to receive credit.

  • Maintain the standards of the Special Education Credential Program.


CPC Policy 1 (continued)

Credential candidates will be considered for removal from the program if they:

  • Exhibit academic dishonesty as defined by the University Catalog.

  • Exhibit inappropriate student conduct as defined by the University Catalog.

  • Exhibit unacceptable academic, field, pedagogical, and/or clinical performance behaviors.

  • Fail to meet the standards set by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

  • Fail to behave according to the standards of the profession, public schools, university, department and/or program.

  • Fail to demonstrate credentialing competencies.


State/Federal Legislation Affecting Credentialing

  • Your credential will state: English Learners Authorization. Content is embedded throughout the program with specific courses (425 and 551).

  • All credentials now include the authorization to teach students with autism. SPED 401 addresses this area.


APA Style

Purchase the APA manual!

Visit http://owl.english.purdue.edu for assistance.

Academic Attire

  • When on school sites and at the district offices, student teachers should be attired in academic dress.

    • This includes nice pants and shirt with collar (tie optional) for men and a nice pants outfit or dress for women.

    • Skirts should be a reasonable length and clothing should not be revealing.

  • When on playing fields, student teachers should be attired in appropriate dress for the sport or physical education activity in which they are engaged.

    • This includes coaching shorts or sweats and a T-shirt, polo shirt, or sweatshirt with the school name and/or logo. Appropriate footwear should also be worn.

  • Individuals who do not meet this requirement may be requested to leave the school site to change their clothing. Repeated offenses may result in termination of the field observation/student teaching assignment.

  • Job Notebook

    • If you are in need of a job, please visit CP 570 where we have a notebook of job possibilities

    • This includes tutoring opportunities and other part-time jobs working with children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities

    Credential Ceremony

    • May 20, 2011

    • No gowns required – “Back to School Night” Attire

    • No tickets necessary – all invited!

    • Invitations will be sent, but check the College of Education website for information



    Your “To Do” List

    • Review this presentation – it is posted on the SPED Website.

    • Place important dates on your calendar.

    • Make sure your credential file has all the information and documents you need!

    • If you will be student teaching this fall, complete and submit the Student Fieldwork Profile.

    • Complete all prerequisite coursework.

    • Pass the necessary examinations (CBEST and CSET)

    • Review and follow your Program Plan


    Program Area Meetings

    • Mild/Moderate – Dr. Glaeser - TSU-Pavilion C

    • Moderate/Severe – Dr. Robinson - Gilman A/B

    • Early Childhood - Dr. Myck-Wayne – Ontiveros C

    • Pre-Admits – Dr. Smith – Hetebrink A/B

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