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izR;;. izR ;; os “ kCnka”k gksrs gSa tks fdlh vU ; “ kCn ds vUr esa yxk;s tkrs gSa A buds yxkus ls “ kCn ds vFkZ esa fHkUurk ;k oSf”k’V ~; vk tkrk gSA. tSls %& ¼jke ikB i < rk gSA½ ¼jke ? kj tkrk gSA ½ jke % ikBe ~ iBfr A jke % x`ge ~ xPNfr A

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izR;; os “kCnka”kgksrsgSatksfdlhvU; “kCndsvUresayxk;stkrsgSa A buds yxkusls “kCndsvFkZesafHkUurk ;k oSf”k’V~; vktkrkgSA


  • tSls %&

    ¼jke ikBi<rk gSA½ ¼jke ?kjtkrkgSA ½

    jke% ikBe~ iBfr A jke% x`ge~ xPNfr A

    vcgemijksDrokD;ksalsizR;; dkiz;ksxdjrsgq, ,d la;qDrokD; cuk;saxsA

    ¼jke ikBi<dj ?kjtkrk gSA½

    jke% ikBe~ ifBRokx`ge~ xPNfrA

    ;gk¡ iB~ /kkrqesaDRokizR;; dsiz;ksxlsvFkZesafHkUurkvkxbZA

Drok izr

DRok izR;;

^DRok* izR;; dkiz;ksx ^dj* ;k ^djds* dsvFkZesafd;ktkrkgSA“kCndsvUresa ^Rok* ;k ^V~ok* “ks’kjgrkgSA

Tsls ib drok ifbrok rs ifbrok x ge xpnfura os i dj kj tkrsa gs a

tSls%& iB~ $ DRok ¾ ifBRokrsifBRokx`ge~ xPNfUrAosi<+dj?kjtkrsagS A


^iB~* /kkrqdkvFkZgksrkgSi<+ukrFkk^DRok* izR;; ^dj* ;k ^djds* dsvFkZesaiz;qDrgksrkgSAblizdkjifBRok “kCndkvFkZgqvk^i<+dj*A

Rqequ izr

rqequ~ izR;;

rqequ~ izR;; dkiz;ksx ^dsfy,* vFkZdsfy, fd;ktkrkgS A rqequ~ izR;; lscus “kCnksadsvUresa ^rqe~* ;k ^Vqe~* “ks’kjgrkgS A

Tsls ib rqequ ifbrqe l ifbrqe fo ky e xpnfr a og i us ds fy fo ky tkrk gsa

tSls %& iB~ $ rqequ~ ¾ ifBrqe~l% ifBrqe~fo|ky;e~ xPNfrAogi<us dsfy, fo|ky; tkrkgSA


^iB~* /kkrqdkvFkZgksrkgSi<+ukrFkk ^rqequ~* izR;; ^dsfy,* dsvFkZesaiz;qDrgksrkgS A blizdkjifBrqe~ “kCndkvFkZgqvk ^i<+us dsfy,* A

Vkbz s ns ksa geus vc rd d k d k lh kk ewy kadu

vkbZ;s ns[ksageusvc rd D;k&D;klh[kk \(ewY;kadu)

1- Hkw$rqequ~

d- Hkforqe~..[k- Hkwrqe~..x-HkwRok..

2- iB~$DRok

d- ifBrqe~..[k- ifBRok..x-iB~ok..

3- xe~$rqequ~

d- xRok..[k- xferqe~..x- xUrqe~..

Ku okn ftrsunz dqekj izf kf kr lukrd v kid lald re mh oh ifcyd fo ky xq xzke a

!!! /kU;okn !!!ftrsUnzdqekjizf”kf{krLukrd v/;kid¼laLd`re~½Mh-,-oh- ifCydfo|ky;%] xq:xzke% A

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